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What i thought was a pulled muscle i was wrong

How stupid do i feel. I have recently had to keep stop running because of a very tight pulling in my tendon of my left leg. Though not to much about it will ease up over a couple of hours.

I was so wrong so eventually i went to the drs to sort it out and found out that my Achilles tendon was inflamed. So tablets and gel to sort this out. Never again will i automatically assume i know my own body better. Can i keep going or will i go back to week 1 and start again hears hoping not

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Nasty. I think time off, and where you can start back again from, depends where you got to, and how long the dr says you need to stop for. It's not worth starting again too soon, or too hard, or you could have it happen again. Maybe spend the time off reading up a bit on injury avoidance? Running form - how you place your feet - seems to have a lot to do with it.

I read this last week: the terrible toos to avoid: "too much, too soon, too often, too fast, with too little rest". Apparently new runners are particularly likely to overdo things in over-enthusiasm.

Hope your leg is better soon, and you don't have problems again. :)


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