Help with a pulled muscle !!

Hello everyone, hope your all having a good bank holiday weekend. πŸƒπŸΌ

Did parkrun at Halifax for first time yesterday, usually do Huddersfield, Halifax is quite new and nearer to where I live. Really enjoyed it, in asics plan for my half marathon training I was supposed to do 7.2 K so after my 5 K parkrun I sat on a park bench for a short rest, got up to do an extra 2.2 K as I got up I felt a pain in the front of my right thigh as if I pulled a muscle.

I have entered the Manchester 10 K next Sunday, so I'm just after your good advice as how to get better in time ??

Do I rest all week, do short runs, use ice or heat ???

Thanks Please help.

Thanks John. (Drakeybar)

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  • Don't know much as I'm a newbie on here but as I am prone to the occasional injury 😏 but I thought pulled muscles were best treated with rest, ice, compression and elevation- does that sound right? I'm also a great believer in the old horse ligament - deep heat, though the husband hates the smell of it!!

  • Rest, RICE, ibufren gel or ibufren

  • Oh John , what a shame for you xxx

    Yep, I agree with Miss W, definitely rest it . Fingers crossed that you will be fit for Sunday.

    Oh if youre around after the race and not rushing off, I am heading to the Charity Village to meet up with Runon, please feel free to join us , dont worry if you have got other plans though. No pressure xxx

  • Thanks for the advice, I'm going to rest, and do gentle exercises, been putting frozen peas on and Ibuleve on morning & night.

    Starting to feel better. So fingers crossed.

    Thanks again.

    John. (Drakeybar)

  • Shucks, Drakeybar. I hope the treatment goes well in time for next week's run.

  • Thanks. Fingers crossed.

    John. (Drakeybar)

  • Thanks. Fingers crossed.

    John (Drakeybar).

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