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W4R1 - Exhausted!

I had been dreading this all day, even as I pulled the car on the drive I was thinking of reasons that I could put it off until tomorrow! Even my hubbie conspired to put me off by saying 'if you're tired leave it' but I read somewhere (was it on here?) that you should put your kit on and if you still don't want to, get changed again. So I did, and I didn't and the last minute of the last 5 minutes was sheer hell but I survived! Can't say I feel great but I certainly feel proud of myself and now I can relax tomorrow :-)

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Just imagine how good R3 will feel! I just did W5R1 and you'll get used to the 5 min intervals :)


Hey congrats on your run.

All the best



Thanks guys!


You did well for not giving into the temptation to put it off! I found the first week 4 run tough, but I surprised myself with how much more comfortable it became on the second run. Enjoy your rest day and look forward to run 2!


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