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W4R1: complete!

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Good morning, fellow C25Kers.

I sit here addressing you as I sit eating grapes and sipping my post-run reward beverage: a glass (well, more of a tin mug, really) of sparkling water. Never has fizzy water tasted quite so good. I've just finished all my cool down stretching and I can hear my Radox bath gurgling away nicely. At least, I hope it is and that it's not overflowing. I best go check shortly.

So then, up early on this fine Bank Holiday Monday to undertake W4R1, which went.... well, I think. I got through it okay but it was rather tough. Not helped, I assume, by not being able to fall asleep as early last night as I'd have preferred, but I don't think I was over-tired. Toward the final bit of the last five minute run I definitely felt tired but pushed on and felt rather proud when it was over; four weeks ago today I was just about getting through sixty seconds of running at a time, so the progress is rather apparent, and encouraging.

About ten seconds before the end of the first three minute run I developed a stitch, which was present throughout most of the run, coming and going arbitrarily. Imagine, if you will, my dearest reader, my surprise (and almost joy!) when the fine Laura informed me that she too developed a stitch around the week four mark of running. She went on to running magnificence and narratory greatness, so I can definitely get through this and improve further. Thank you Laura!

I didn't feel horrific or anything throughout the run, but it was certainly tougher, but of course, I expected it to be. I feel great now, if a little tired.

Happy running and hearty regards to one and all. :-)

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Hey Miles_Yonder, congratulations on the run and for ignoring the stitch -I keep waiting for that particular demon to strike. Loved my early run today as no one about and little traffic. I did wk5r2 and discovered I have more stamina than I have leg strength, so muscles not happy now. Enjoy your bath, you've earned it ,

Miles_Yonder profile image
Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Thanks, AM! :-) Congratulations on getting through W5R2! A nice relaxing bath for you too is in order by the sound of things! Early morning runs are ace, aren't they? I never used to be a morning person, at all, but really enjoy making the effort to get up really early and get out running. When I first wake up, I just don't fancy it. Not running, just the getting up part as it's so warm and cosy being tucked up in bed, and I'm usually tired, as one is early in the morning, but once I come to and start waking up, I'm glad I got up early.

Thanks all for the kind, encouraging comments, by the way! :-)

Redskins03 profile image

Well done Miles.

I had a similar experience this morning. But thats the first one in the bag. Keep going

e174 profile image

But which radox is it, that is the burning question. I myself favour the purple radox. It is slightly anarchic compared it it's more staid green cousin while being less 'out there' than the weird pale blue, mentholly type one. To my mind purple radox is like being a blur fan over oasis.....or maybe the stones over the Beatles.........

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Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to e174

It was the purple Radox and very nice it was as well; rather relaxing after the run and much needed. Sales of Radox have gone through the roof since I took up running......!

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Enjoy your well-earned Radox bath! I drink fizzy spring water but I add a dash of elderflower cordial to mine, or that very fine ginger cordial - the name of which escapes me. I find it really refreshing. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

Happy running! Keep up the good work. Laura will get you round, no worries at all

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Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to misswobble

Misswobble, thank you kindly. :-) Hmmmm, I've never added anything to my fizzy water before. I drink sparkling water almost all the time when I have water - it's delicious and so refreshing. Only time I have still water is when I'm running, to avoid the problem of exploding fizz. No-one needs that first thing in the morning. Thanks for the idea though; I may add some tasty flavour to water in the future. :-) And yes, I'm trusting Laura; she seems to know what's she's doing!

Miles_Yonder profile image

Thank you, KK! How's your tummy today; much better, I hope? :-) Yes, I try to avoid too much food before running but I do need a little but just for energy. I tend to have a teaspoonful of peanut butter and a slice or two of malt loaf; banana malt loaf it was today. (The only way I can have bananas really: cooked in some kind of loaf thing, or dried as banana chips, or as a milkshake, as fresh bananas make me sick, which is unfortunate as they're so good for runners and exercise in general....) If I don't have at least something, I just run out of energy. :-( I try to have it as soon as I get up though so when I head out about half an hour later, it's not as if I've just that second eaten or anything.

I only have a dark blue drinks bottle :-( but am on the lookout for a bright one. All the bright, fancy ones tend to be smaller sizes and I like to have a 750ml bottle with me. I rarely drink it all but I'd rather have it and not need it than have a smaller bottle, drink it all and run out. On average I drink between 4-6 litres of water a day so I do like to have access to water at all times, should I need it.

Thank you for the good wishes for the next run; it's the dreaded run two, but I'm being positive and am sure it will go well!

Miles_Yonder profile image

Cancel my last; I found a pink 600ml Nike bottle on eBay that's just the job! :-)

ju-ju- profile image

well done....you are doing well...and I agree, water never tasted quite so good as after a run...and fizzy too, how delicious. It does get tougher, but I think you are going to enjoy the challenge! well done :)

Miles_Yonder profile image
Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Cheers, JJ! It's definitely a challenge, which I'm very much enjoying so far. So much so that, having only just started week four, I've signed-up for another 10k race, this one in October. It's addictive this running business, isn't it?!

Treemouse profile image

Greetings Miles_Yonder, I share your W4R1 joy, as I did mine this morning. I was dreading the 5 minute run, but I think the sunshine and plethora of fellow runners out today helped to take my mind off the extra minutes. I have just downloaded the podcasts as I have been using just a timer previously; I think from now on, I will need all the help I can get! Perhaps I too need a brightly coloured water bottle, but at present I prefer my small, blue one as it's more efficient at smuggling vodka into the weekly creative writing workshops at my local drinking establishment ;)

Miles_Yonder profile image
Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to Treemouse

Hi Treemouse! :-) Congratulations on your W4R1 success this morning also. I hope your run didn't include a stitch for most of it! The podcasts really help, don't they; I like the structure they give (I have a watch with stopwatch function but often forget to set it, especially when tired and flustered!) but Laura is a star and makes it all a breeze! I think bright water bottles are the way to go; I did, for a very brief moment think you were going to say you take vodka on your runs - I suppose that's one way of making them pass quickly! :-P Well done again on R1 - and best of luck for run two!

Hidden profile image

Well done on getting through the first run of week 4. I can't really add anything to what has already been said so will just wish you good luck and best wishes for your next run.

Miles_Yonder profile image
Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you kindly, Fitmo; I'll be sure to post back and report on run two! :-)

poppypug profile image

Aw well done to you ! You did it :-) x

Miles_Yonder profile image
Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to poppypug

Thank you very much, PP! :-) Starting to get a bit more challenging now, but that's all part of the fun! x

Miles_Yonder profile image

I will, at some point soon, have to get a photo of all this very bright kit I have! :-)

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Mr Yonder wouldn't it be nice if every day was a BH - what a lovely quiet early w4r1 I had this morning. After worrying about it all weekend it went better than expected. I will be keeping an eye on your posts as we are in sync! Not thinking I would get this far I have been sitting back and watching all the wonderful c25kers tick off the weeks and lo and behold I am now joining the ranks and I do hope I am not speaking prematurely. The lovely Laura and my fellow runners will get me to my 5k goal, of that I am sure. Keep up the great running.

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Miles_YonderGraduate in reply to Nellyharte

Hi Nelly :-) Yes. Yes it would. Friday and this morning were so, so peaceful and quiet; hardly anyone about at all, which was just wonderful. Soon be back to people in big coats stood at bus stops looking at us funny, wondering why we're in t-shirts in the pouring rain! :-D Allow me to congratulate you on your completion of W4R1 this morning! *congratulates you heartily* How are you finding C25K so far? The past few weeks have soon gone pretty quickly, haven't they?!

I lurked here for a while too before posting, but really, it's a fantastic community here, as I'm sure you've observed, with people at varying stages of the program and beyond, sharing their passion, be it new-found or something they've done for a while! It is good to have others here to talk to who are at the same stages in the program; there are quite a few in-sync on W4R1 today. :-) Congratulations again for today and good luck for run two!

runner56 profile image

Well done Miles.

Radox you say? I may have to invest in a purchase and then some shares given the amount of folk I have been trying to convince onto the program

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