Wow Laura - what was all that about - a huge step up from week 3 for me. 5 minutes running two times was a bit of a surprise to say the least. Anyway I did it all but do not feel the usual glow - the second 5 minutes was really hard and I was passed by lots of lycra clad runners that made it look oh so easy! I guess they had to start somewhere too! Are you sure we can do this? Not looking forward to R2 on Boxing Day but keep telling myself it is only 30 minutes to bear. Funny, I have not problem with my breathing and never seem to get out of breath but my legs need a bit more practice to hold this old body up. Also my shins ache - not painful but a real ache and that annoys me at night in bed. I may have to prepare the turkey tomorrow sitting down!

Happy christmas to you all and keep going - they has to be a time when it become a little easier surely??? Large gin and tonic here I come!


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9 Replies

  • Hi shaky i know what you mean. I did W4R2 today and it is a step up from W3, i am finding it hard work. G & T for you, brandy and coke for me!

    Happy crimble, Ed x

  • I remember going through exactly the same as you describe, and thinking this is really hard. I have no idea how I will keep going. Now I have my second 5k coming in a few days and others planned in the future. Keep faith, you will make it through. Take it from someone who had every difficulty you describe right down to the aching shins, it gets better.

  • So glad at I am not alone and thanks for the encouragement. Look forward to it getting better and will keep going. The fact that you understand the aching shins and have graduated means that there may be hope for me yet! Running 5K seems an impossibitliy but maybe with time........ Happy Christmas to you jcm.

  • well done! It is a step up, but it is so worth the effort. Trust the programme, you can do it. And if you do have very achey legs/shins, then maybe take an extra one day to recover. I occasionally took an extra day, it is important to listen to your body too, we are all different. But just the one extra, mind ;-)

    Good luck with it and remember you are nearly half way through the programme, you have a raft of achievements behind you, to build on, and you WILL succeed.

    Have a lovely christmas and enjoy your G&Ts ;-)

  • Hear, hear vixiej! This is great advice! Once the runs got a bit longer I started to leave 2 days between runs - just keeps the knee twinges at bay :). Best wishes for Christmas and your next run!

  • Thats good advice Oona :-)

  • Thanks so much for all the great encouragement and will take it slowly and steadily. Happy Christmas to all of you.

  • I am on W4R2 and am finding it hard work. I will think about you when I go running next! Ed x

  • Week 4 = Swear at Laura week when she tells you what she expects you to do.

    Week 5 = When you start to realise that she may know what she's doing, it wasn't too hard last week!


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