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Cold, cough, and hospital visits, now to get back on track.

I got a cold a day or two after my last run. This was followed by a cough that has stayed with me for 3 weeks, but is just about gone. I then had to attend the Opthalmology Department at the local hospital because of flashing lights in my peripheral vision. Luckily this is nothing serious just another part of getting old. Eventually last night I got back to running some 3 weeks and 3 days after my last run.

The good news is that even after what I thought was a lengthy layoff I managed to complete the 30 minutes without any difficulty. It would appear that the 9 weeks of C25K had put something in the bank, and I was quite pleased. Now to get back to my schedule of 5K+ podcasts, and hopefully the park run.

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Really good to hear that even 3 weeks off didn't hold you back!


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