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W3R1!!!! Yeahhhhh

Having completed W3R1 a short while ago I'm feeling at the least our next British promise for the Olympics!!!! What a great feeling. Thank you all for your encouragement yesterday when I was dithering as to whether to do week 2 again after losing almost a week to feeling all told me to go ahead with week3 and you were right.

I think more than the actual exercise the feedback here and the ability to voice our thoughts is a huge part of the motivation so thanks again to you all, those that respond and those who's blogs I read daily and keep my spirits up.

Happy day to all :)

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Well done, knew you could do it. Look out Rio here you come ;-)


Well done! I'll be attempting my 1st run of week 3 very shortly too! Hope I'm as successful as you and my knee holds up to it!


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