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Sunny Sunday, nice early outing for run 1 of week 3...more running tips from Laura, there's certainly a lot to think about! No idea what I look like when I'm lumbering along, probably a lot different from the image in my head! Anyway I'm trying to remember to put my heel down first, keep my shoulders back and not to bounce...oh yes and remember to breath now and again.

My legs feel 'used' but at least it must mean I've put effort in. I do feel good that I seem to be making progress :)

Hope you are all having a great weekend :)

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Wow it sounds like your doing a great job. I agree about lots of information to think about. I'm on wk 4 and still really excited about each new run. Keep up your great work!

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AbracaDeborahGraduate in reply to susie_bourne

Thanks Susie, this site is so friendly it's great :)

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Great to hear you're enjoying your c25k but a word of caution on that heel strike! It is mentioned on here from time to time and is not one of Laura's best tips! Many believe that heel strike results in more injury and the consensus seems to be to go with what ever feels most natural for you (which of course might be heel striking!) I am a mid foot striker and that feels best for me - also I breathe in and out through my mouth and always have done with running ( don't feel like I get enough air if I breathe in through my nose as Laura suggests!). All that said it is a great programme isn't it - and I also love the bit about not being too bouncy!!

Good luck!

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AbracaDeborahGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks, it's great to get lots of advice and tips - maybe if I have to think about putting heel down it's not natural...I'll have a play around next time, and do some more reading up :)

Well done!!

Just a warning though -" heel first" is the only mistake in the podcast - (if I remember later on you will hear Laura saying NOT to put you heel down first )

I'm just saying this so that you don't get into the habit of heel strike. There is a lot on the web about it, so I won't be long, but in general a mid-foot strike means that you do not overstride and reduce risk of injury as you lessen the impact.

There are also plenty pf posts here I think about that, but see if you can find a youtube video to have an idea

Happy running!

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AbracaDeborahGraduate in reply to Pigivi

Good idea, thanks, I'll have a look on YouTube might be easier to visualise when you actually see someone with good technique in action! Who'd have thought running could be so complicated :)

I agree about the heel strike being a mistake, certainly over paved or level ground. I think maybe a bit of heel strike might be needed when there's a risk of falling over? Not sure. I could imagine if you go jumping over streams etc, you'd have to have some kind of heel strike mode in your repetoire.

The good news is you'll continue to feel good with this. Good, but sore, sometimes, but generally good, either way.

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AbracaDeborahGraduate in reply to gary_bart

Not up to jumping streams yet! But sure I can fall over, my route goes along a bridle path, and some of the ground is very uneven with ridges and ruts. My dog sometimes runs behind me and other times trots along in front, which is when I'm at most risk of tripping up, as she will suddenly decide to investigate something so we have a pile up!

I think probably the main thing is to be as comfortable as you can be.

One thing I think is essential is not to lock the knee. You don't want a straight, stiff leg coming down. Stiff, straight legs are bad for the knee joints (because you're making the joint do work the muscles can do more safely). So a proper heel strike (if such a thing exists - and it's worth researching whether or not this is so) would probably be with toes up (so's your knee is a bit bent).

You might also find that the closer your running comes to being like "controlled falling over", the more efficient and enjoyable it becomes. One of the schemes built around that idea is called "Chi running". I think also the "injury free running revolution" in the UK has videos on that.

This is very helpful- I had been struggling with that heel first bit- thank you :)

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If you look in the pinned posts on the right of the page you will find a link to NHS how to run correctly. It contains more recent information than the podcast and warns against heelstrike. Good luck with the rest of w3 :)

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AbracaDeborahGraduate in reply to AncientMum

Thanks, I'll have a look at that, I'd like to get into good habits :)

Hi AbracaDeborah

Glad to see you survived Run 1 of Week 3! I've got this run on Monday! Good luck with your running!


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AbracaDeborahGraduate in reply to

Good luck for tomorrow Lucy, enjoy your run :)

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