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B210k W2R4 in error!!

Back again after being snowed- and iced-off for a week. I wasn't really sure what it was going to be like today but planned for 3 x 17 minutes of W3R2. The music was familiar (two weeks though since I'd run with it) and I set off. The first 2k went pretty well and the pace was reasonably fast but I thought something was odd when Sam's voice told me 'well done' and to wind down to a walk for a minute before I had got to the 3k mark. I soon figured that my plan had been undone by a simple over-keen rewind on the podcast ... to Week 2. Still, I did the 3 x 15 minutes and clocked a good distance at 8.37k. Over 11kph is very encouraging after missing out on last week's runs. So, it will have to be the real W3R2 this week on Tuesday or Thursday and then again on Sunday to get back on track. Aiming for Week 4 next week but know that work and weather have conspired against me already and I have two late nights this week, so I may be getting over-ambitious.

Thanks for reading. Happy running!

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Hey despite choosing the wrong week, you probably increased the speed and distance by repeating it, so its all good prep work for week 3 run 2.

Nothing lost and everything gained.

I have started using another B210K podcast which tells you when your 1/2 way through, final 2 mins and then 60 seconds to go. Not clocking up as much distance as you but not doing too bad at 7.5km this week.


Thanks Burstcouch. I like the sound of your alternative podcast for B210k. Have you got a link to it? Music? Your thoughts?


Music is ok. I used the free B210k on I tunes blue fine inc.

Have fun.


Well done James-maybe not such a mistake after all, as it is always best to retract a little when had time out. Still a good run though eh?? :-)

Colette x


Fantastic. Thanks Colette.



Oh James! I can just imagine the puzzled look on your face! How frustrating! Steve and I start week 4 of B210K this week. Wishing you a very successful, non repeat, next run! Gayle


Well done to you both, Gayle and Steve. Brilliant stuff. The puzzlement didn't last long and was only once I had made a good start so wasn't enough to faze me much. Onwards we go!!


Well done James, still a good run. I agree with the others, just good preparation for the following week :-)


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