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Old Faithful Week Six again!

Well - following my three-week gap after the fall in Madeira, I got out on Saturday, and decided to only go for 20 minutes running. (Before Madeira I was back to 4K three times a week. First ever failure! After 11 minutes, I had to take a walk break. Three minutes later I tried again and managed 2 more minutes running before having to rest. Finally managed another 3 minutes to bring the total to 16, but I was very disappointed. Admittedly there was a very strong wind in my face, which didn't help.

So today I set out with Week 6 Run 1 all over again, and am pleased to say I got through it, and will now carry on and build up from there all over again.... 10K will have to wait for 2016!

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You didn't fail at all. You may have been disappointed that it wasn't the run you hoped for but you got out there and did it. Glad to hear you were feeling well enough to run again after your fall and in that blustery weather too. Well done for going out again and getting through it. That 10K will be waiting for you in 2016 and after all, that's not very far away now! :)


Failure isn't a C25k word! Sometimes runs can be horribly disappointing, especially if you have been on breaks/not been consistent. But you still did get out there and try, so you didn't fail! It's just something you can beat next time and feel proud then. Let it motivate you for next time instead of beating yourself up!

I had a 3 week break for shin splints and my first run back was 3.5k in 30 mins- at least several mins walking.. But just 4 runs later I'm back at 4.2k in 30 mins so you do bounce back faster


Ah it is only the F word when you stop trying , and you didn't stop trying so no, you are not a F !

Well done, keep at it, and you will smash that 10k next year .

Onwards, always ! :-) xxx


Thanks guys - as always, you're wonderful. The C25K podcasts were a fantastic find, but I don't think I would have made it without this forum. And congratulations Poppypug on your mentor badge. You really deserve it.


Awww thank you so much , that is really kind of you xxx


Indeed, no F there...Well done, I use the podcasts still sometimes, Laura will always see you right!


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