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Week 5, Run ? - !?$@!&*error

Arrggh! I've not settled back into this at all yet. The other day I actually did run two, when I thought I was doing run one, I think. Maybe that's why it was so hard. Today, realising I'd done number two, I thought I'd just continue and do three today. Run three, on a Wednesday!? Rock 'n' roll.

Easy though right? I've already done it once. How hard would it be to just do it again?

I failed. A proper fail. I stopped and started walking after ten minutes. Walking but left Laura playing, "You're doing great!"

The shame.

My heart isn't in it. Previously, stopping wasn't an option, I'd keep going no matter how slow. Today, it was so easy to just give up. And now I've done it once, it'll be even easier to do it again.

Wait! Enough of the defeatist attitude. Ten minutes is better than no minutes. Maybe I should just rewind back to week 4 and take it from there.

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Don't beat yourself up. Why not start with the first week 5, and build up from there? Its actually quite manageable, as the 3 minute walks are really good for getting yourself back together. Good luck!


I agree with everynameistaken, you made a mistake and ran a podcast that you weren't ready for, go back to w5r1 and do them in order and you will be grand. Week 5 is a mental challenge and you'll be fine if you do them all in order.

Also you'll need to slow down a bit for run3, better to finish, than let a seeds of doubt emerge. do not beat yourself up, the majority of people have a set back in this programme and this was your, so dust yourself down and see you in three runs and oh enjoy those runs :-)


I agree with the others. Don't be so tough on yourself, sounds like you've had a less-than-perfect couple of weeks and you need to build up your running confidence again. Redo week 5 from the beginning, in order, with rest days, and you will be fine, I'm sure. I think Phil72 is right too about the pace, it's better to keep going even if at snail's pace (all my runs are at that pace!!) and complete the run. Let us know how it goes.


You are right - 10 minutes is better than no minutes so it definately isn't a fail! AND it's 10 times longer than your first run so how great is that :D

Have your rest day, enjoy it and bounce back with a vengeance - you know you CAN do it, it just seems that your inner Kenyan has had a bit of a break too. Call him back and get back out there. Why would you want to go back to the sofa? You know the buzz you have been getting on previous runs... it WILL return.


Good luck for your next run, keep us posted :)


Don't be too down about it, I have had three failed runs - week 6 run 1 but managed it the next time, one of the week 7 runs where I stopped after 20 minutes and the other day when I should have done 28 minutes (and had already done it previously), but stopped after 16:50, and didn't even know why, just stopped. Anyway, sorry to witter on but just wanted to say you can get back on track, perhaps try run 2 again, or go back to the start of week 5. You are doing well! I know it is easy to get discouraged, I am such a pessimist myself - but reading all the comments on here have encouraged me to keep going. There have to be a few bumps along the way ... but it will be all the sweeter when you get there!


Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I just redid run 3 and finished it! I might attempt week 6 on Monday.


Well done!!


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