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Wk 7 run 1 Phew - no rain, just very windy


Back again after 3 rest days, because I foolishly ran in the cold without warming up (trying to keep feet warm in an icy station carpark!) and had slight shin and calf twinges.

It was lovely and sunny, but very blustery - I was wondering whether any branches would fall out of the trees as I ran under them. :o Not an easy run, but as usual the problems were almost all in the mind, as my legs were fine. I must be making progress though, because when I sneaked a look at my watch and it said I'd been running 17 minutes, I thought, 'Only 8 minutes left' - seriously, I actually thought 'only 8 minutes'! Just a couple of weeks ago, 8 minutes was a really big ask!

Mind you, just 3 minutes later, when Laura said 'only 5 more minutes' - it seemed like loads more to do. And then she suggested upping the pace - well I did try, and thought I'd been a bit faster there, but the garmin stats show that it was exactly the same as my average pace altogether (5.7kph, 3.6mph - I'm getting even slower as I go for longer - though maybe that's just sensible for now.) But the positive angle is that I could still keep up that pace at the end, which is interesting, I suppose.

Hey ho. Anyway, I did it, and felt much more awake afterwards.

I hope other people are enjoying ice/snow free running today too.

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Hey well done Greenlegs, running for 17 mins i should coco, now that does seem alot to me, i'm just feeling okay'ish after my last run of week 4, but week 5 begins tomorrow afternoon.

I did have to re-read the bit about upping the pace, like you said keeping the pace all the way to the end is all that matters. oh yes the feeling afterwards is very nice and so is nodding in front of the tv.....lol.

All the best


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(I've just looked up 'I should coco' - I don't remember ever coming across that before. Apparently it's been around since the 30s, so maybe I've just not been listening carefully enough!)


Cheers! In two weeks' time, week 7 for you... It is amazing what we can do!

Enjoy week 5. It seems years ago to me, now.


Who would believe you could run for 17 minutes and then think only 8 to go? The progress made in such a short time is amazing, well done to you. It is lovely to be running again and not worrying about slipping over and some how seems a bit easier when the sun is shining :-) Good luck with your next run, you are doing great :-D


Thanks rolphie. Yes, I'm quite glad to see the back of that snow.

Oh no - sun's just gone in and the sky's all dark! But I just checked the forecast, and no more snow predicted this week.


Hey greenlegs, that's awesome! Sounds like your stamina is coming along nicely. As you said no need to worry about speed, you are doing your best and that is enough. Once you graduate you can work on that if you want to but you may find you speed back up again. I am a bit quicker now but still in the realms of being a snail in reverse ;)

I really enjoyed week 7 so much as I was glad to see the back of the walks (they made my calfs hurt) and just relax into the run. I hope you have a great week.

Jems x


Well done greenlegs, glad to hear your legs are ok again, good call to rest for longer, sounds like you avoided the rain too :-)


I've decided I seem to have got to the point where doing some stretches afterwards might be a good idea - my calves feel a bit tight, though they were absolutely fine while I was out there.

Yes - I completely missed the rain, which has been back again this afternoon.

Thanks for all the encouraging messages. :)


nice one greenlegs - 'only 8 minutes' indeedy - a right proper runner now! I haven't run since last Tuesday when I finished week 4 so am bursting to start week 5 - must do this tomorrow.

You are so very close to graduation - how exciting :-)


You're braver than I am - I heard the wind and rain and decided it was going to be the dreadmill again. I've been working so hard on my speed, I couldn't face having the wind against me all the way! Well done you, though - the end is getting nigh ;)


Great blog Greeners, I missed it yesterday.

You'll have to buck your ideas up though or I'll catch up! I do my first Week 7 run on Thursday!

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