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Wk 7 Run 2 Bought a buff

Week 7 isn't terribly exciting to write about as it's the same routine every day, but I'll write anyway, for something to look back on when I get to the end.

I finally got round to treat myself to a buff (well, actually, two - a summer one and a winter one, because I couldn't decide - and a pair of running socks - rather a lot of pennies altogether, ouch!) I decided to try out the summer one as it wasn't all that cold, though it was windy, and spitting a bit, though not really raining properly.

Very pleased with the buff - not entirely sure that it needed to be quite so expensive for a slice of a tube of stretchy material, but it does the job really well.

I hadn't had much sleep last night, and felt really tired (I was tempted to have an extra rest day, but my daughter talked me out of it). I didn't half notice the difference - first ten minutes were even harder work than usual (I looked at my watch quite a few times in those ten minutes!), and I was noticing my calves, which I don't usually while I'm running. Kept going though. I considered doing a walk in the middle, but when Laura went on about 'it's not about speed, it's about stamina and endurance' I thought I ought to see whether I could keep going, as I wasn't actually in pain or out of breath. So I endured, and endured. For what seemed a very long time indeed.

At Laura's suggestion, I tried to speed up for that last minute, but only managed about three steps faster, before going back to the pace I'd been at for most of the second half (a stunning 5.5kph). But I did manage to keep going for an extra minute at the end, at the same slow pace, just so I could convince myself I wasn't totally exhausted. Overall pace for the whole lot was 5kph - I am getting slower every time! - but I was really tired.

But the most important bit was that I got out and I did it - and I feel ok too - less tired in fact than before I went out. I suspect I may sleep quite well tonight! :)

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thats great. what a fantastic feeling when you get to the end :) good luck with the rest of the plan. shelley x


Thanks - it seemed a long wait for the fantastic feeling today!

How are your war-wounds from your fall yesterday? Hope you're not feeling too bruised.



Well done! I bought a buff too after your funny video blog. I was horrified that it was so poorly finished and seemed a rip off. After I had calmed down I wore it and I quite like it. I would never have bought it on a shop though. Good luck with your running. Getting closer now.



Two ahead of me once more!!!

Fair play Greeners, it's toughing it out when you want to stop that gets you that green badge.


I like my buff because I can wrap it round my wrist when it gets too warm on my neck. What can seem like 'poor finishing' is part of the point and why it is so versatile.

I do a lot of runs where I tell myself I'll be finishing at 15 or 20 minutes but not quite yet and then "well you may as well carry on" when I get there.


I so identify with the wanting to walk, but realising that it's a mental thing since my legs are still going. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the next milestone to come along... But well done you for getting through it, tiredness and all.

I'm doing week 9 this week - might have to see if I can get out this afternoon if it stays nice and sunny, otherwise it's the dark, damp streets this evening! Soo fed up with the treadmill.


Keeping going is what it's about! Hope you enjoy your week 9 runs RainbowC!


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