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Finally happy with week 1 time to move on

Ive managed to get outside finally after 2weeks of snow and ice.

Today I completed week 1 after reapeating it several times and feel fine to attempt week 2. I had to dodge the ice patches and had a strong head wind to contend with but I did it with no migraines and I feel great.

Bring on week 2 R1 I'm going to do this and feel very positive and excited

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Brilliant - no migraines is good. :) Enjoy week 2.


Yay - well done! I can't remember if I've said this before, (apologies if so - I'm old :) ) but it took me 50 runs instead of 27 to graduate. It doesn't matter - you will get there in the end.


Hey well done! and who cares how long it takes as long as it is done!!

Lots of people give in without even starting, (it's all in the mind) well that's what i keep telling myself...lol

All the best



hhhm am I detecting the running bug? There's no going back now!


Well done for sticking at it!


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