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Week 9, Run 1: Finally!

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A hectic week and a half meant I didn't get the chance to run since last Tuesday when I finished week 8. So I was quite nervous heading back onto the treadmill today for the first run of week 9 as I haven't had as long a break as that for a while now!

It was quite a tricky run, but I managed it and am SO looking forward to graduating in 2 runs time!!!!

10 Replies
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I loved week 9. Meticulous preparation, sensible eating and no beer at all the night before the graduation run (totally OTT really). Really enjoyed the runs.

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Becky1606Graduate in reply to telford_mike

Haha I am actually thinking about having a properly "healthy" week in preparation for graduation run Wednesday morning (before work I must be mad!)

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Well done Becky!! Only 2 runs to go and you’ll have that gleaming Graduate badge next to your name. You go girl!! 👍😊

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Becky1606Graduate in reply to BlondeAmbition72

Can't wait now!! <3

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Huge well done... so close now:)

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Becky1606Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss! :D

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Well done!!!

I just did the same. My last week 8 run was last Saturday I think.

I had a migraine on Monday & then headache all week & chiro appt thurs so was too sore yesterday.

That was a weird run - at 10 mins I thought i was done for but then felt great the final 10 mins of the run & according to the treadmill I actually hit 5k including the warm up & cool down.

Did have to pause a couple of times to have a drink but don’t think that’s too bad given it’s so hot

Has taken me way longer than 9 weeks but never thought I’d run 30 mins

I don’t think ive ever been so sweaty!!

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Becky1606Graduate in reply to Thriftyvickie

Ah well done to you as well! Sometimes life really gets in the way but a lot of people on here reminded me that there is more to life than running and looking after yourself is really important.

Sounds like you had the "toxic 10" quite badly lol but congrats on getting to 5k thats so good!!

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Yay! Congrats Becky! The podium is ready and waiting for you! I'll make sure it's all polished up real nice for you and has some lovely pink ribbons!

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Becky1606Graduate in reply to _SimonT_

Thanks Simon! Hoping to graduate Wednesday - get the ribbons ready! :P

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