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Hi all. I have just started C25K, having never run for longer than 10 seconds since I was a kid! I have just completed week 1 but I really struggled and was very breathless, none the less, i did it however I don't feel I'm gonna be able to do the 90 second runs on week 2 just yet! Should I repeat week 1 or just go for week 2 and see what happens??


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  • If you did it, no matter how breathless etc., then you are ready to move on to week 2! If you can't do 90 seconds on the first try, keep trying until you've done it the three times. This programme really, really works, it's complete genius.

    Go you!! You are doing this and you will amaze yourself over the next few weeks just like the rest of us. Keep posting and letting us know how you get on; it's a very nice place to hang out. :-)

  • Thankyou! I need somewhere like this for people to spur me on! I will go for week two then and see what happens. Sounds ridiculous but I am amazed I can actually run for a whole minute lol xx

  • W1 is difficult, very difficult. W1r1 for me was the worst run of the whole series. So it's all downhill from here :) That's not to say the rest is easy, it isn't, but it's a lot easier than you think, honestly.

    Run as slow as you can. It makes a huge difference just taking it down a notch, for me the difference between doing week 3 and failing.

    You have done the worst bit by starting and now you have done the initial runs too, so you are ready to start w2. However if you feel you want to do w1 again just to make sure then that's fine. No-one will criticise you for it, and I believe Laura says you can redo runs or whole weeks if you don't feel ready. Why don't you do w1 r4 and then go on to try w2r1?

    Well done, and keep posting

  • Thankyou, I will give week 2 a go, I suppose I need to push myself!

  • Start week 2. "You can do this". Post back on this forum and let us know how you get on. If you find that 90 seconds is too long, then keep trying the Week 2 runs until you've completed them three times. Your strength and endurance will quickly build up, we promise. Don't get disheartened, post here and let all these lovely folks cheer you up. Good luck!

  • I felt just the same when I started and against all odds I'm now on week 6, only had to repeat a week after a week off (on holiday). Go for it, you'll amaze yourself :-)

  • Hiya, I found that slowing down really helped, I was out off breath and was exhaling every now and then like a gun shot (sudden puff/ exhale out).

    Since then slowing my speed down has helped my breathing. Well done for starting C25K. I'm loving it too. :)

  • Thank you all. Slowing down is probably the way to go, will keep you all posted!

  • definitely start week 2 , if you have completed week 1 even with difficulty move on :) that is how the program works , you have to trust in the program and yourself :D go on you can do it :D

  • Get used to feeling breathless - it lasts all the way through 😊😊

    Just press on so long as you have managed to complete the runs - you will surprise yourself. You run for longer but do not repeat so many times. Take it nice and slow and steady.

    Good luck.

  • Go mall.... - that's Irish for go slow, have a try at week 2 and if you think it is too much do not beat yourself up and repeat week 1 - there is nothing wrong with repeating runs, ) but I'm sure you'll find that if you slow down you can do it!

  • I decided after the experience of trying to get 3 completed Week 1 runs under my belt that 9 months was more realistic than 9 weeks.... yet I never had to repeat another C25K run having taken 12+ attempts with Week 1. You'll start finding your rhythm and stop 'sprinting'

  • I was just having a browse around after starting week 1 yesterday for the umpteenth time & wondering if I'll ever get past the 1st week without giving up, your comment has inspired me to sign up to the community & really commit :-) The next run this week will be week 2 no matter what!

  • Excellent! Remember, all you have to focus on is completion - you don't have to do it easily or comfortably or with any kind of style or even particularly enjoy it sometimes...

  • Do it with me then!

  • I've just done the first run of the 2nd week!! Not with any great style but I did it, so it feels like progress :-) Next step is to do it again on Friday - how's your resolve going skinnynet?

  • I completed week two quite easily but I did it at a much slower pace. I have just been on holiday for a week and thinking i need to do week two again just to get back into it!

  • Definitely give week 2 a shot - I NEVER felt ready for the next run Laura expected me to do, but I always was! The secret is to sloooooow it down ;-)

    Good luck and don't forget to let us now how you get on :-)

  • Week two. I was breathless every week but the magic of Laura pushes you through. Good job on completing week 1

  • I had no faith in the program when I started but it works try W2 you will be out of breath but you can do it and you will feel great :-D

  • I am nearly 50, up to 6 months ago was smoking 25 a day and hadn't run since school, i completed c25k last month...don't know how or why but the program works, trust it and follow it and you will not fail i promise...stay in touch on here and keep up the brilliant work!! 😀

  • GO FOR IT. And don't doubt your capacity to do it because you CAN. I started off just like you, with the same worry that I wouldn't be able to do it with every new week that came up... and I graduated today. If you need support and /or a push in the right direction, this forum is the best place to find it.

  • I had never even managed 10 seconds and that is not a joke !!!! I start week 3 on monday and still cant believe it . i repeated week 1 cos my friend joined me a week late and that has worked out really well for me as ended up being able to do the minute relatively easily !!!! All be it slow. And slow seems tl b the key . keep going believe you can do it and you will

  • Definitely give it a go! And slowing down is the best advice you can get. I realised when I did W2 that I'd tried to go too fast in W1. It definitely helped me carry on.

    Good luck!

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