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Fed up!

So - here I am on the sunniest and warmest day for ages, sat indoors instead of making my planned assault on 5K (again). Having managed about 4 runs between lurgy and snow hitting earlier in January, I have managed only one between snow melting and.......New Lurgy. This time I've started coughing on day 1 AND got a temperature (not to mention achy legs, general lethargy etc) so I think I'm better off indoors counting the birds (Great British Bird Watch today for those interested). I just hope this one doesn't last as long as previous lurgy, which had me off running for 3 weeks.

I guess sometimes life just isn't fair - after all, I've lost all this weight and eat a TON of fruit each day, new healthy lifestyle, had a flu jab - and somehow every virus in Southern England thinks I'm a good target. Roll on spring!

PS for those who remember the retail therapy - I did wear New Top on that one run. Very comfy it was too! Just hope I don't have to resort to more online shopping to keep convincing myself I'm still a runner this time :-)

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It can be so discouraging, can't it, Ann? Keep your chin up!! That new lifestyle is paying off even if it isn't in the way of recent runs!! You will be back at it before you know it!!

Gayle and I had a terrible time fitting in runs throughout December. Only one bout with sickness for us, so ours was much more by lack of discipline than yours is!! Your heart is in it, nature and those silly viruses just won't cooperate!!

Now, never under-estimate the benefits of a good bit of retail therapy!! I think that it provides renewed commitment since you are investing your hard-earned money! It also gives you one more reason to hit the trails again!! I mean, you have to try out that new top, new trainers, new garmin, new socks, new buff, new capris, new whatever it happens to be!!! :-) See, spoken like a true addict!! Hi, my name is Steve and I am a runner!! :-)

Stay positive, your battle and conquering of 5K will seen be the topic of a blog!! ;-)

Keep Running!! (Hopefully soon!!) :-)



Hi Steve (did Gayle tell you I could be a very distant relation? Used to be a Hall....) - yes, I know the new lifestyle is paying off but if you'd seen our recent weather you'd know why a sunny, above-freezing day is a bonus not to be missed! Believe it or not, I think I caught the latest silly virus from my Zumba instructor (see - I was trying to keep active while avoiding the ice) and she's been down with it for 5 days now!

Please don't suggest more retail therapy. My inbox is full of "sale ends today" messages and I'm resolutely not opening them. I guess you're getting the same. Yes, I know I could use a belt for my phone/ipod because "when it gets warmer" (ha ha) I won't be wearing my jacket with its handy pockets. I could also use a pair of sunglasses that won't fall off (again, in the event of a sunny day) but they will all have to wait until I can go to the shop in person and try some on. I can be very willful when I try :-)

I have run 5k once - it took 34 minutes on the Stamina podcast. Unfortunately the next Stamina run (4 weeks later due to lurgy #1) was only 4.9K in all 35 minutes. So at the moment my target is to do a consistent 5K once a week with Stamina and hopefully start to bring the time down. No decisions about 10K yet- the main reason is that it's a bigger time commitment and would require more life re-organisation than I can probably manage right now. 30 mins fits nicely into my morning routine.

Oh well - enough chatting - now on with the laundry... (sneeze!)



I know exactly what you mean. I started the new year full of determination to run 3 times a week again. I have been out twice this month. I've had two attacks of bronchitis, one combined with an achey/temperaturey bug, one weekend away and too much snow on the ground for me to risk it. It's very frustrating, isn't it? But think of all the good your changes have made - less weight, better diet - that's fab! We will get back out there, and we can do this :D



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