And its all 5korBust's fault. I was quite happy 'til I 'met' him. I've been cheerfully 'jogging' along in my own little world of c25k thinking this was great and I'm nearly there and what an achievement and how I'll never want to do anything else other than just happily jog around my local roads, in my own little world, just for fun for 30 mins or so and now he's ruined it all. You've been so enthusiastic and successful and brimming over with everything under the sun about parkruns that I just can't get it out of my head and my finger keeps waivering over the button of clicking on signing up for my r3 of wk9 - which just happens to be a Saturday. (The last 8 ran between 40 and 47 mins and I reckon I could do that). Oh what misery you have caused!


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  • Go for it! you'll be fine! i did my graduation run as my 2nd parkrun, and it was great, extra special as i had a couple of friends with me, and people in general to say"I just graduated c25k!!" to, even if you just think it not say it!

  • Certainly think everyone in the world will know about it if I complete my 3rd run on that day - no decorum at all will be displayed.

  • good for you! hope to see your victory post on Saturday!! :)

  • Thanks!

  • I'm sure you'll be fine for your park run. But do beware of trying to do what other people on the forum do before you're ready. I am a case study for this!

  • Yes absolutely - so agree with you - that seems to be where the problems come but I thought I could probably do my 30 mins and then walk to the end! Certainly don't want to push it. My birthday is earlier in the week and thought I might drag my family out along the route (walking) just to see what its like as there's also the issue of running on unfamiliar territory and uneven ground. (by the way, we're spending too much time on this forum today!!)

  • I'm in a similar position, but I blame my daughter. She thinks nothing of running for miles and miles and hardly ever seems to get out of breath - makes me think how unfair getting old is (conveniently forgetting the indolence, the smoking and the overeating).

    I'm also thinking of a Parkrun. Looking at their website there's quite a few I could join as long as I'm prepared to do a bit of driving. Perhaps I should look for the one with the largest, slowest group of runners. That way I can hide towards the rear :-)

  • Look for the one with the best cafe for afterwards ;)

  • I will if you will (have I said that to you before!)

  • You'll be fine - just go for it. Take it easy. Don't expect to be first, but I'm sure you'll find that you aren't last either. There will be lots of people to support you and cheer you on. I'm sure you'll have a ball. I only started going a few weeks ago, but am already bitten by the bug.

    So much so that when I was in London at the weekend (300 miles south of my home turf) I had to sneak in a parkrun down there too. I suppose that I realised I was addicted to parkruns when I noticed that the first thing I threw in my weekend case before dashing off to the station to head South was my running shoes and kit.

  • You're definitely addicted!

  • Oh dear! It's a fair cop guv. You'll love it though. I went in the knowledge that I'd be near the back of the field, wouldn't be breaking any records, and might have to walk a bit. What I found really helpful was running with other human beings. Helped me to keep a nice steady pace. Great camaraderie too. Sorry! Steve xx

    P.S. If you're anywhere near Crawley do Tilgate Parkrun and I'll do it with you. :)

  • Thanks for the offer Steve - sadly in Norfolk - but at least its flat here. I'll let you know if I go for it.

  • Ooh - do it! That's how I graduated and it was brill! I was in the last dozen or so and it really didn't matter.

    I only just stopped myself blubbing in the last stretch it was such an overwhelming achievement to have finished a parkrun and graduated at the same time.

    Do it! Do it!

  • Oh, its all so exciting. I need to calm down and focus on the next 5 runs. Fingers crossed.

  • Ha Ha Buff, oh you do sound very excited , Don't panic , Don't panic ! :-D xxx

  • go on press that button :D it really is worth it and will be great way to celebrate gradution :D

  • Yes, it would be a high (I hope). Thanks Rob

  • Parkrun is really great. I did it before I started C25k - walking and running just a little bit in my local parkrun, coming last out of 200 every week. No one is bothered about your time or position in the run. It's like this forum - everyone is pleased you're there and having a good time. I'd really recommend it.

  • I'd love not be be last - but as you say, its the fun element of it. We'll see....

  • Buffy you are soo right - these horrible little goals just make us all far too competitive. 2 years ago I just thought I was doing C25K to do one Race for Life as a new years resolution set by a friend, now she has me signed up to 10k races, the running club and the Christmas Garmin is even worse at pushing one onwards and upwards.

    Stick to your guns, 30 mins jogging, that's what they said was best on the news last week,

  • Yes, they did didn't they - and especially as we get older too which is surprising. Hooked now anyway!

  • I just registered! I'm thinking a week on Saturday...

  • Oh wow, I'll have to then! Same day. Hope you're enjoying wk8.

  • Yes! Week 8's my favourite so far. It seems to be working. Hopefully this means week 9 is possible, and a parkrun feels like a great way to finish the final week. Plus it's my birthday the day after that, and yours soon, as well, isn't it? Seems a good way to celebrate, feeling fit and positive, and hopefully having achieved this...

  • What a fabulous happy positive post. Good times. I'm still finding it tough - but looking at your photo I'm about 3000 years older than you! Certainly I feel it anyway having just finished my first 28 mins. Not long now.

  • Nice way to graduate. You'll be fine - go for it.

    I'll be a couple of weeks behind you.

  • Not committing yet! How did you get on with your shoes - and do you have new socks?

  • The first time I ran in my new shoes they hurt my big toe, but it may have been a coincidence. I've tried them again a couple of times and used a 'heel-lock' lacing method I found on the internet and they work fine now - no pain at all. Not sure it's to do with the new lacing, but I'm keeping the shoes :) They look very bright with the rainbow laces.

    No new socks, I have some converse socks nothing special but they work well.

    I did w9r1 tonight and did 5K instead of 30 minutes so very pleased.

    still scared about doing parkrun - OUTSIDE!

  • That's fabulous. I worked out that at best it would take me 41 mins. But going from 30 mins to 41 doesn't seem sensible atm. You should go for the parkrun (says she with no knowledge whatsoever) - have you read Steve's (5korbust) report on his first parkrun - it sounded amazing and everyone says how good they are - and you can already do the distance. So, you'll be a graduate this week (all being well). Wow. I'm waiting to hear that you've signed up for a parkrun next Saturday!!

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