Really fed up :(

This time last year I was running 10K in under 55 mins. Now, I am struggling to complete 3k. I have an enlarged thyroid with multiple nodules and cysts and although my hormones levels are "normal" I feel lousy. I haven't run at all for 2 weeks as the idea fills me with dread because I know what a struggle it will be. I'm exhausted, irritable and finding it difficult to concentrate amongst other things. I'm due to see the ENT surgeon next week and hope I don't get fobbed off because of the normal blood results.


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  • I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling lousy.

    I'm a newbie and was in the process of completing week 1 when I pulled up with a knee injury. After a couple of physio appointments and knee exercises I'm on the way back up but have now got an ankle injury as my leg is totally out of alignment. With exercises I know that I will get back to being able to run but I'm feeling frustrated as I'm hobbling when walking let alone even thinking about running.

    I just want to say I hope your ENT surgeon helps you get back on track and all the best x

  • Hello there ☺ Nice to see you back. Sorry it's not in happier circumstances though.

    You can't really know what your ENT doc will say. You might be pleasantly surprised. I do hope so ☺

    Being ill and not able to run properly is so ruddy frustrating and makes you so mad and fed up. It's all pointless of course as there is not much you can do except work to get well and hopefully get back on track before too long. The process can be horribly slow though can't it, and waits for appointments seem never-ending. I expect you feel like screaming.

    Staying positive, by doing what you can to stay fit for when you can make your return to running , does help. While I had physio for an injury I did my best to eat well so i was as fit as could be when I was off the bench and raring to go ☺ You feel like you have to do something to help yourself stay positive or you could go mad

    Keep in touch with us and let us know how it goes ☺

  • So sorry your feeling "all over". I understand how it can get to you. I had a toxic adenoma and had RAI treatment 6 years ago, I find that speed walking helps me at times when my body is having trouble running, I need the distraction of going out and trying to destress when my hormones are all over. I really hope you can get some resolution from your ent. My levels can be good but I still feel the hormones are giving me trouble at times, menopause and hay fever are sending my hormones and energy levels crazy right now and like you I'm struggling to do 3km, it's just so frustrating. Fingers crossed for you.

  • Thanks. I have also been walking in my lunch hour just to keep active. Should I force myself to run do you think?

  • I don't ever think "forcing " yourself to run is a good idea but I find going out and having a go if it feels ok and not beating myself up if I don't works for me. If your body is under pressure because of your hormones your more likely to injure if you push yourself further than your body wants to go. If you find your out and it feels fine then take advantage of that. I would say the most important thing is be flexible. Also have you had your ferritin and vitamin D levels checked as with thyroid issues they can also hinder your running if they are out and it feels very much like thyroid symptoms. Good luck.

  • I don't know what to say, other than "I'm sorry to hear it". It sucks. Big time. And I wish it hadn't happened to you.

    As for "forcing yourself" to run. No. Don't force it. But gentle persuasion and a little bit of emotional blackmail and pressure is ok ;-)

  • I am so sorry to hear this, must be so frustrating for you .

    I really hope you have some good news next week and things feel more positive for you.

    Take care xxx

  • Do you know what your thyroid levels are or are you going on your doctors definition of normal. My old doctor told me my levels were normal when they where really quite high, my new doctor lets me keep them really low - under 1 - and if they go any higher I feel rubbish. Also, have you had your B12 checked. Thyroid and B12 problems tend to go together and low B12 can make you feel bad as well.

    Hope you get things sorted.

  • Thanks that's really helpful. I don't know what the levels are but I will be sure to ask.

  • Hope the surgeon is helpful. It is hard when your energy levels are low. Yes, I would go out and run but be happy even if I end up walking most of it. Download some new feel good songs and go somewhere where the nature is attractive. You will have done yourself good, even if you don't manage to run much.

  • Small goals, and get the thyroid levels checked. I have them checked at my GP or Hospital but also check myself regularly via Blue Horizons to ensure levels are aok. I always always get print outs of my results, I do not accept you are "normal". My thyroid is my responsibility and I do not let others dictate how I feel or allow them to keep my feeling like death warmed up.

    I suffer with days where I feel wiped out, and funny enough just getting over ANOTHER IBS flare and I haven't managed to run since Saturday, but even if I feel bad I find that I can put in a good run and perk up.

    That said don't push it, check your levels, post on the Thyroid section on healthunlocked and make sure your ferritin, folate, B12 and Vit D are optimal.

    Best of luck xxx

  • Thanks x

  • *UPDATE* Well, saw the consultant and I do feel fobbed off to be honest. Yes I have multiple nodules and cysts but they are not causing any hormone problems (so why do I feel cr@p?) Had a camera up my nose and down my throat to look at the thyroid from above and it isn't pressing on anything so that's good. Have I imagined it all? The tiredness, the anxiety, the weight gain? I am going to give it a couple of weeks then go back to the GP. Try to get my running back on track and lose a couple of pounds. I need to feel like me again.

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