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I've not posted for a while, I did my graduation run on the 19th June and managed one more 5k. During the next run got, what I think was stitch for the first time. I tried walking and breathing deeply for a while but this didn't help and I ended up abandoning my run after 3.25k. Later that night, in bed, I had muscle pain just below my ribs and by the morning this had turned into mid-back pain/ache on both sides. This was 2 weeks ago, I tried to run last Friday but don't think I even managed one minute before I realised this was only going to make things worse and stopped.

I forgot to mention that about an hour before the run that started all this I did a few crunches (approx 4 x 8) don't know if that could have any connection.

The pain is not unbearable during the normal course of the day but the twinges can take me by surprise and it does get uncomfortable. Today was the first day I thought things maybe getting better but after a day at work and the short drive home it is still evident, though not as bad. I just want to get back out there and am frightened of ending up back at the beginning of Couch25K.

Has anyone else suffered this kind of injury, how long before you were able to run again? How long after things started to feel normal did you resume running?


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9 Replies

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  • It sounds such a coincidence that you took this pain after doing the crunches doesn't it? it sounds as if you might have pulled a muscle on your back. Two weeks is too long to still have some pain so I would suggest you go and get it looked at by your doctor or sports physio. That way you know what you're dealing with.

  • Thank you IP. I think I know deep down I should get it checked out. I really dislike going to the Drs and have been hoping it would go before that became necessary. As today is the first day I've noticed any improvement I may see how it goes over the weekend, coward that I am.

  • Oh no I'm so sorry to hear this - must be so frustrating for you ☹️ Really think it might be wise to get it checked out - crossing my fingers that it will be sorted out for you soon x

  • Thank you lindi. I hope so too. I'm frightened these couch is getting too comfortable and I'm going to find it hard to leave.

  • Aw , this is such a shame , big hugs ((( )))

    It sounds like as if you have probably pulled something or strained your back in some way.

    I know you say you don't like going to the Doctors , but please if youre still feeling discomfort in a couple of days , make an appointment to go . Once you get a diagnosis, you know what youre dealing with and then can concentrate and focus on your recovery.

    Hope you feel better soon, being on the IC is the pits ! xxx

  • Thanks poppypug. Will have to act the responsible adult if things don't improve and go see the doc. I've every hope a weekend not slumped in front of a computer will help.

    Glad I came on here for advise, Just talking about getting out there when better is giving me back the urge to run. Will be sensible though. 😊

    This is a great community.

  • I agree, just sometimes " chatting " on here and just offloading can work wonders .

    We're all in this together xxx

  • You poor thing, back pain is really unpleasant. Go and get a medical opinion, then you know where you are. Maybe it is something that a couple of good massages will fix but you won't know till you get it checked out.

  • Yes, get yourself to the Doctor! Haven't been on here much recently as, amongst other things, on the IC myself, so heartfelt sympathy coming your way!

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