Working up to 10

Though I've been quiet, I've continued to run. I've settled into a weekly routine of doing one day of solid 5k, one day of the speed podcast and one day of a slower long run (my previous best distance plus a bit). I'm hoping this will allow me to work up to 10k at a reasonable speed. I'm up to 8k now. I'm trying to incorporate hills into my long route, though I hate them with a passion.

I had a few days with pain after changing to new trainers and running two days in a row. Research suggested it was a peroneal tendon injury, which implicates overtraining, but when I swapped back to my old knackered trainers, the pain didn't happen. So I'm going to try to get my gait reassessed in case it has changed since I started running, and the new shoes no longer suit. (The new trainers had been bought some time ago, as I bought two pairs at the same time and only used one pair). I also need to accept that runs on consecutive days are still not possible for me.

So that's my update. Hope everybody else is jogging on. Nice to see all the newbies posting here and getting sucked into the running machine!


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  • well done on getting to 8K so far :) hills are good for us but then there are hills and there are hills . just be careful not to push yourself to hard with speed intervals and hill reps etc :)

  • Good point Rob, I hear ya. I think that's why running has really grabbed me. The only person I'm competing against is me. If I have a crap run, it doesn't impact anybody but me, if I don't want to push it, I don't have to, but I feel today's the day, I can let rip. I'm not the fastest kid on the block, and I don't get the furthest, but by small increments, I get a little thrill of achievement often.

  • You sound like you are doing great (minus new trainer issues). When I get a bit better and a bit more settled with my running I may follow your patten you describe. Are you hopingbto enter a 10k at some point?

  • I've never run with anybody else, and to be honest the thought scares me a little. Running is such a solitary joy for me, space around my head and wind in my hair. Somehow, it's the only time I don't think too much, I just focus on the road ahead. I'm concerned that running with others would intrude on that.

    That said, I have been considering it. It's an experience I feel I need to try. My work colleagues are trying to rope me into a charity run in the new year, so I might do that. However, they do a 10k in under an hour, so they aren't going to be troubling my running space any time soon because I'm only managing 7:10 min/km at my very very best and that's on a short run!

  • I know what you mean, I feel the same. It's just been me and the road these past 9 weeks. Running gives me some space, almost works how I imagine meditation to.

    I have joined the office team for a 5k, which is in 2 weeks. It's how I started c25k to train for it and I'm definitely the slowest! I felt like it was something I should do, as I've not done anything like it before!

  • Hi, its nice to hear from you again !

    Good to hear youre still feeling the love and long may it continue

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

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