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Stay in W3 or move on to W4?

Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and have to say I love reading all your blogs and questions, they are really encouraging me to keep going!

Like everyone else, I couldnt even run a minute a few weeks back and cant believe I can now do 3 mins, albeit a challenge! My question please is this....R1 and R2 of week 3 was completed fine, no stopping but R3 the second day after was terrible. I only managed to do around 2 mins of the 3 but my legs were dead. Now, after resting and on my third day I really need to get out there tonight. My calves are still really I repeat W3 one more time, or move on? Your responses would be much appreciated.

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If your calves are sore, maybe it's worth reading up a bit about running form how to avoid sore calves. You might find that running slower and/or smaller steps is more comfortable. (You can always speed up later, once your legs are used to keeping going for some time.) If you take fairly long steps and land hard on your heels, rather than the middle of your foot, you are more likely to jar your leg and ache later. I'm no expert though, and I may be mixing up calf pain with shin splints...

You don't have to have pain - it's an indication that something isn't quite right.


It could just be that you are using muscles that you have not used so much before. You could try stretching more before and after.


Thanks both! I have just completed one more run from W3 and have never felt so high as I do right now. It was great! I drank lots of water today and did some light stretching beforehand. It was the best run I have had yet, even did another 3 minute run after the last walking exercise, although that was probably a bit naughty!. Roll on Tuesday and the start of week 4 ( am I gonna do 5 mins?)


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