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Good run this morning!

It's worth going back over your old blogs sometimes. I did yesterday and found one where I'd had a really good stamina type treadmill run. So after my half-hearted treadmill run of Thursday morning it reminded me I could do it. Snow and ice is still there only in patches which will stop me getting out for a run so after a fair bit of lying in bed procrastinating this morning I went down to the shed.

A 4 minute warm up walk was followed by an easy 45 minute run and very short cool down walk covering a total of 6.2k (last Thursday's glitch with the distance seems to have been a one off).

Still listening to my audiobook while running, this time shouting at our heroes when I figured out what was going on several hours (their time) and chapters (our time) before them! Maybe it was a good thing I was in the privacy of my own shed. Can you imagine the shock/horror/confusion the dog walkers would feel if a puffing panting runner came up behind them shouting 'you're an organ donor!'?

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