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Felt really good this morning :-)

Week 7, run 2 - another 25 minute run done. This is the worst week I find - I don't know why.. but today, thankfully, it felt good. I didn't get stitch. It wasn't really windy - it just felt right :-)

My stats including the 5 min warm up and cool down walk was distance: 4.9km, moving time 35.25.

I wanted to push it a bit harder but was scared the stitch would come on so the last 5 minutes is running up a long hill - and the last minute I really gave it some! :-D

Feels so good when you have completed another run doesn't it? Happy Friday everyone! :-D

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Happy Friday, and happy running! :) I know what you mean about week 7 being tough - I think for me it's the thought that it's all 'serious running' from now on - no more nice walking intervals (no matter how frustrating they may have occasionally felt!).

But onward and upward - well done! :)

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Thank you. I think that's it - no more little walking breaks :-)


I now have the added delight of wondering if I'm going to break out into another exercise-related heat rash next time. Trying to find the balance between making sure I'm completely over this reaction, and putting it off for too long...


Do antihistamines work? I had rash and just one tablet cleared it right up - just a though :-)


I'm taking the maximum dosage the lovely Dr said I was allowed, which has helped enormously. :) Not all antihistamines work effectively for me it seems, but the one I have now seems to be working a treat :)

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Yes ! It certainly does !

Well done for today, and the hill too !

Happy Friday to you xxx

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