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W7R2 this morning

I ran without Laura this morning. And for the first time wasn't really looking forward to it - in fact I fell asleep again after my alarm went off. Only about 10 minutes, but obviously I wasn't that eager to leap out of bed and hurtle off into the darkness. But that's what I did in the end. I deliberately went slower on this run and found it easier to go slower without music. The run was also easier than W7R1, probably because I was slower. I could actually speed up at the end - which was good. All in all a solid, satisfying run. No gremlins, no niggles during or after.

I was really feeling apprehensive about non-stop long runs, because I've never ever been able to do them (even 12 years ago when I ran half-heartedly). But I've just done 3 twenty-five minute runs in 6 days and I feel absolutely fine. In fact my legs felt light as a feather during my walk yesterday. It would be nice to get that feeling on a run!

Onwards and upwards!

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Well done :D sounds like a great run


Brilliant.. go you!

Getting out there in darkness, not easy at all, ( I am loving the lighter mornings), so I reckon just getting out there is a real achievement...and you did wonderfully!

Well done :)

Onwards and ever upwards!!!!


Isn't it lovely when a run you're dreading turns out great. Such a confidence boost! :) Much better to take a run steadily and finish well, than to set out too fast and struggle to finish. It's all plain sailing on to graduation now :)


Woohoo. Definitely a real runner now.

Scrolling through the posts I saw your name this morning and actually said a little yay out loud. I love reading your updates as we're so close together 😄

My turn today but it's pouring down. Forecast saying there'll be no let up all day so looks like I'll have to be that wally running in the pouring rain! I'm not brave enough to ditch Laura, I need her to keep my timing right.

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Good luck with the run. The rainy ones CAN be fun! At least you get a real sense of smugness when you've done one. And you tend to be on your own out there!

I also look out for you and RunningScared and punch the air when you catch up! It's quite fun running in a group!


Hi Jayseeskinny, I can so relate to what you are saying. I found the first run of week 7 hard work and then to have to face that again and again was daunting, it wouldn't have taken much to talk me out of them, but you know in the back of your mind that once you get started it will be fine. I didn't ditch Laura but I did try a different route just to take the monotony away. By week 7 you've achieved so much but it still seems a long slog to go. I'm on week 8 and it now feels "almost there" so keep going for graduation day.


HOORAY! Another run done, well done you! Go the 7's! Wow, 3 x 25 min runs in 6 days is just fabulous, so pleased you're progressing so well, raising the bar for us a step or two behind you and feeling good :) Keep em coming! x


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