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We did it!! 20 minutes and it was snowing

So chuffed, I have never run for that long in my entire life :-)

Have not had a chance to post 'til now, but we went out on Tuesday evening when it had started to snow. The entire run was great, even 'the hill' against the wind and snow was ok (slow but ok). The feeling of elation returns every time I think about it.

In fact I found the next run more difficult, going back to walking again, perhaps still recovering. We have just completed W6R2 so the 25 minute runs are next, feeling confident that we can do them no bother!!!

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You will be fine, well done on completing your 20 minute run, it is such a great achievement, good luck with the 25 minute run, I'm sure you will ace it :-D


Thanks Rolphie2, I'm even sort of looking forward to it. Never thought I'd say that about running.


Well done. I think that it is a double achievement when you go out in the snow as well. :-)


Thanks mojo58, passed a couple of pedestrians with that "are you nuts" look on their faces, but we weren't the only ones out jogging that evening

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Brilliant effort! Enjoy the 25 minute run - start slow and it'll be great.

I should have done my wk 7 run 1 (25 min again) today, but decided to have an extra rest day, as I've had the odd twinge in one calf and the opposite shin - I think it's the result of running round an icy carpark at 8.30pm, trying to keep warm while waiting for husband to turn up for a lift. It was so cold I didn't do a warm up walk first - not clever. But hopefully fine tomorrow.


Thanks greenlegs, haven't spotted you on the horizon yet, am still looking.

Hope the legs sort themselves out for you soon. I had a similar problem in my early runs, before I found this program, when I definitely was not warming up properly. We have an exercise bike type thing at home, which I usually hate using (except as an extra airer to dry clothes on :-)), but for the last few outings when it has been really cold, we have been using it to warm up for 5 mins before we go and then do the 5 min walk as well.


I like the extra airer idea - there's never enough space to dry clothes! That sounds like a good way to warm up before going outside.

I hope it's not still going to be pouring with rain tomorrow (assuming legs are ok) - I have done one run in rain, which was fine, but this is very COLD rain!


I did several runs in the rain over Christmas, it was ok, better than I'd expected, but it was warmer then.

I think cold rain has to be worse than snow. Good luck for tomorrow.


Run, Bibs run!!!!!! :-) Its an amazing feeling, isn't it? To run longer and longer each time! Great going!!!! :-) Gayle


Thanks Gayle, certainly is a great feeling. I hope your 10k training is going to plan.


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