I finished WEEK 1 DAY 3!!

I finished WEEK 1 DAY 3 of ACTIVE's Couch-to-5K program going 11:41 per mile. I am impressed with myself today!! After coming back from a one day recovery with no excercise I thought it would be different. None of the jogs gave me a hard time! I'm super duper HAPPY!! Still a little intimidated by week 2, but let's go!! I also beat my 1st and 2nd day time too!! Yay

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  • It's lovely to see a happy message like this! You are doing just fine. (And if any of the runs further on do start to feel a bit too hard, just slow down - pace really doesn't matter until you've got to the end of c25k, it's keeping going that counts, and it's easier to keep going if you don't start off too fast.)


  • Thanks for the advice!! I' ll remember to pace myself =)

  • Hey there, well done!


  • Thanks Dale!!

  • Well done excellent. Good luck with week 2 :-)

  • Thanks!!

  • Congratulations, getting started is the hardest part... keep up the good work

  • Thanks! I will!!

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