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Finished week 5 day 3!

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I'm so thrilled to be here. I just finished the 20-minute run on day 3 of week 5! So excited!! Thank you all for all your posts and encouragement so far. It's been such a great help, even if I don't post a lot. If you're gearing up for week 5, day 3, just know that you CAN do it. Go as slow as you need to, with the aim of finishing, not finishing fast. :)

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Congratulations snoozle on completing run 3 of week 5, a milestone run with C25K, onwards and upwards to week 6 run 1 but be careful about that run as it catches out some people with the interval walks and runs 🏃 😊

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snoozle in reply to AlMorr

Thank you!!

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On the cusp of week 5 starting Friday hopefully, excited to think I will do 20 mins by the end. Half of me is saying trust in the programme and the others is saying 20 mins? don’t be ridiculous 😂

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snoozle in reply to Setters

It's completely doable! Just remember to go as slow as you want. The goal this time around is to build up endurance, so don't worry about speed!

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Well done. I’m doing this run 🏃‍♀️ Friday. I’m actually looking forward to it....I do feel ‘ready’ to do it. Happy running 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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snoozle in reply to Shelley2310

That's exactly how I felt! I think you'll do just fine. It's such a rush, finishing that one! :) Good luck and have fun!

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There it is... the run that proves you can do this... very well done. For me it was an emotional run, it looked like a beast, but you showed what you’d got and how far you’d come. Slow and steady into week six and you got this.

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snoozle in reply to UnfitNoMore

It's such a great feeling, isn't it? Thanks for your kind words of encouragement!

Just did the same myself last Friday and now into week six. The sense of achievement is great and can’t wait to get onto week 7

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snoozle in reply to Bilbao_Jus



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snoozle in reply to ktsok

Thank you!!

Congratulations! Thanks for posting. I'm starting week 5 tomorrow, bit apprehensive about r3 😱, how did you find the jump from 2 8mins to 20mins?

Sorry, I just saw this! I didn't find the jump too hard at all, and in fact, started out slower than I needed to and was able to up my speed. Just remember, you can go as slow as you need to. Distance/speed will come with time! If you've already done run 3, I hope it went well! :)

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Phoenix_flames21Graduate in reply to snoozle

Thanks, I ended up doing w5r2 on the way out then w5r3 back home as it was raining and I thought it a bit daft to walk when I could run!

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