C25K [My experience with Week1]

C25K [My experience with Week1]

The first day of C25K I had to find a comfortable breathing technique. It's cold here in Orlando at the time it was 50 something degrees. Which from my point of view made it a little harder to breathe properly. But as I kept pushing breathing got easier and the jogging did as well.

The second day, which is today on the 23rd, the first jog I did was easy then the second jog I had to find a proper breathing technique as my heart rate increased. It was 43 degrees and I exercise in the morning at 5:00. I'm hoping day 3 goes pretty smooth as I transition to week 2.


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  • Congratulations on starting c25k! It's a great programme/ program.

    Here in the UK, even 43 degrees sounds pretty warm - it's below zero here (celsius - so below 32 farenheit - brrrrrr!) Just looked up 43F - about 6C, 50F about 10C. But it's all a matter of what you get used to. I didn't imagine I'd go running in snow when I started 6 weeks ago - but I was out there running for 25 minutes today. (And very proud of myself too! :) ) Every time c25k pushes you to something a bit harder, it makes you realise what you can get yourself to do!

  • Wow here 43 would be consider cold because we normally stay in the 70-90 degrees. But Florida weather is bipolar as I like to say lol For example in December it would be warm instead of cold so yea it's pretty up and down as it pleases. But thanks!

  • Very impressed with your early starts too - I've done that once, in the first week, but not since - I think I'd find it really tough to do on a regular basis. Though maybe I should try it, now I know I can make myself do things I thought were impossible!

  • Well done and welcome to C25k! Look forward to reading how you are getting along. Tricia

  • Thanks and will do!!

  • Hello and congrats on starting the programme!


  • Hey Dale and thanks!!

  • Well done I'm impressed with your time of day for running, thats a really early start by anyones standards, not so impressed with your temps but all things are relevent to what you are used to, so a big well done. Once you have your breathing sorted out things will be much easier, I think I would be right in saying many of us found this to be the case. Just try and relax and enjoy your runs, thats the important thing. Good luck, you have a wonderful smile by the way. :)

  • Thanks! Along with C25K I normally walk for an hour and get back home after 4.16 miles. I have to get up early at 6:30 to get my siblings to school so that's why. It works in my favor because I am a morning person. But thanks for the advice breathing does make all the difference! I try to enjoy it and not think about the distance, time etc. just flow and its going pretty good. Thanks

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