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Week off with knee pain, then WK3 D1 ...... FAIL : (

Well after completing WK2 I had a week off due to some knee pain.

I've been power walking fine for weeks before starting C25K, week one was fine too but that advice off Laura on week 2 totally shot my knees with the heel striking :-/

Decided to take a week off as I was hobbling about at work this week and stuffing myself with Brufen and paracetamol to help ease the pain.

So this morning I set off with the intention of repeating a couple of days of WK2 BUT my Podcast went onto Week 3 ..... oh well I thought .... I'll have a go LOL :)

First 90 minute slow jog left me breathless and I was thinking what have I done ?? haha.

First 3 minute slow jog was fine, quite enjoyed it :)

Second 90 minute slow jog was uphill ... AAARRGGHHH ... but I did it YAY !!!!

Second 3 minute slow jog I couldn't complete by about 30 seconds, totally out of breath and wee bit sickly. This may be due to going out first thing with only a glass of water ??

Never mind, i enjoyed the brisk walk home which is an extra 8-10 minutes after the 5 minute walk down.

Looking forward to repeating it til i can nail it ..... oh and so far the knee feels fine :)

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Yeah, NOT a total fail!

You did over 90% of the running after a week off, that's not a fail. Especially as you were expecting 90 second bursts, not 3 minute ones. The mental hurdles we have to overcome are as important as the physical ones.

Next time have something to eat before you go out, a banana, apple, cereal bar etc to keep your energy levels from plummeting. I find the 'breakfast' biscuits (half a pack) light enough to just give me the edge (but only when they're on 'offer' at Tescos).


Like the idea of one of the breakfast biscuits before a morning run...may give that a go next weekend!


Hey Ginger, very well done! Especially after the knee problem but glad it held out. Enjoy your next run.



No worries, Ginger!! You have just started the program, you had a week off due to injury, you didn't have much for food for energy and you spent part of your run going UPHILL!! Don't allow yourself to get down about this one!

You now know a bit more about what to expect and how your body responds to running. Rest up with a day off, have a banana before starting and give it another go!! You will be fine!!

Keep us posted and Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks for the support folks, it's great on here isn't it :)


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