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Today was week1 day3 and slightly disappointing

Been looking forward to this, started off after the 5 min warm up began the jog and had a shooting pain in my left thigh which really hurt, continued with the jog but whilst walking considered giving up due to the pain. Missed the next jog and walked. I also had music playing for the first time and was unable to always hear the commands, therefore messed up the programme slightly. Walked when I should have jogged and visa versa. Turned the music off and slowed down with the jogging which allowed me to continue the programme as the leg pain eased slightly.

Feel slightly disappointed to end the week like this :-(

Any advice on if I should rest my leg and postpone next run or should I continue?

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In all likelihood it is just a little niggle with your thigh muscles protesting about having to do things they are not used to. As long as your leg feels OK, I would go ahead and plan to do the next run as scheduled.

Try not to be disappointed, this is a new thing you are asking your body to do and it can take some time for it to accept that. Consider icing (frozen peas are great) the affected area a few times over the next day or so if there is any discomfort.


Don't be disappointed! You've started - that's the main thing! Have you managed the other two runs ok? You're bound to have 'bad runs' now and then (that carries on after completing the programme too) and the next run is usually ok.

From what you're saying it could be that you're running too quickly? The main advice would be don't run through pain which doesn't ease when you're not running, particularly if it's a sharp pain. Listen to your body - if slowing down helps then go with that. Can I suggest if you're not already that you make sure you stretch? I got awful calf pain and tightness at the beginning of the programme until I started stretching which helped a huge amount.

There's no harm in resting an extra day or two if you feel you need to. It sounds like you managed the running sections apart from when you felt the pain so if you felt ok on the first two runs of Week 1 on and you feel comfortable then you could try W2R1 on your next run. If you'd rather consolidate your Week 1 first then you can always do W1R3 again before moving on. Don't push yourself too far too quickly. There's plenty of time for that later. :) Stick with it, you'll be amazed when you look back at W1 in a few weeks' time! :)

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I've always found that a bad run makes you more determined than ever to get out and put it right - you will get niggles and it will hurt from time to time but it's your body getting used to it - Ice and a days rest will sort it I'm sure - Well done


Thanks everyone for your support and advice. Yes been OK on the other two days first day was exhausting second day I felt great, today's run I didn't feel as tired it was just the pain and yes it was sharp and continued when walking. I'm using the ice pack, I will now stretch before the workout and since reading the replies I am now more determined.

Thank you👍


Your body is adjusting and will give out little "niggles" as it gets used to it. You said it got better when you slowed down. This could be your bodies way of telling you you are running too fast for you right now. Slow your pace down a bit and do the run again. I'm sure that will make a lot of difference.


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