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I,m getting there!!

Hi all,

well I,ve been doing the 30 min run and uping my speed when i feel ready, The ist time i done 5k it took me 39.50 mins, well today i done it in 35.20 mins not a bad improvement in about 12 days i think.

I love reading all the blogs and comments people put on here they are a real motivation for me.

Ps how do i get the graduation badge??

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Very well done Steve! Such a great improvement in pace! Try emailing JR21 for the badge. Some of the graduates have been waiting awhile to receive theirs, but when JR has the time, he will badge you up! Congratulations on the graduation!!!! Gayle


Congrats Mate, I'd say four min+ is excellent over twelve days.

I'll look out for your shiny



Great improvements in such a short time, you must be well chuffed :-)


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