Getting there.... Week6run3 completed😊

well I used every tip & advise that has been here😃 Thank you all so much! Took a new route which I knew was flat set my runkeeper just when I started my 25 min run & ended after the run! Which I completed Yahoo!!! I was a bit disappointed that I only ran 1.8mls in the 25mins so il never make 5k in 30 mins! However at 59yrs maybe have to lower my expectations😂😂 looking back tho for all newcomers started this programme totally unfit!! Trust me I was! On 29/8 and today 4/10 ran 25mins continually and I would never have believed I would get this far on in the programme let alone run 25mins!! Positive Mantra" I will get to the end so I can run 30mins " regardless of distance 😂😂think that will still be a good result at my age! Good luck everyone & keep posting to keep us all going😊😊😊x

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  • Great achievement to get week 6 under your belt, well done. The last 3 weeks dont feel like such a big jump from here on in. Enjoy it.

  • Well done - thats brilliant. Don't worry at all about distance. For many of us the 5k marker is a post graduation challenge and for others its not even something they consider - it's all about running for 30 minutes at the moment and you look like you are right on target for that - keep running. You are doing great 😀🏃

  • Thanks i know i must stop obsessing about distance as back to this idea of thinking im a failure if dont make 5k. At the end of the day myst remember im 59 & better late than never to try runner!!😊😊😊il keep smiling & running to week 9😊😊x

  • The Couchto5K is a bit of a misnomer, it is all about running for 30 mins nin stop, no matter what the distance.

    Same as Parkrun is a misnomer, it welcomes walkers etc. not just runners.

    Just 5 mins more to go!

    And I am just a couple of years younger than you so we are setting a good example Pc59!

  • So true!! Wish id tried sooner but young at heart & at least we are making an effort! Well done graduating & keep posting to us newbies going to the end!!😀😀 heres to us over 50s😂👍

  • Well done - that's brilliant! I am at the same stage and ready to start Week 7 tonight - Feel a bit nervous about 'no walk intervals' from now on.....but we have come this far and we are not giving up now! :-) I've not measured distance or speed so far - just glad I got through it!

    Good luck with Week 7 x

  • Me too never thought id run for 25mins!! Keep posting so we can keep each other going to the end😊😊we will make it👍Im really neevous of continuous runs too & shattered today my rest day after last nights week6run 3!! Good luck😀

  • Hi - well just an update.... I did W7r1 last night - I'll be honest I found it really hard. I think I totally messed up as I didn't think my route through and the final stretch back home was uphill, also I ate not long before I went and ended up with a stitch (never had one before) ... must plan more!

    At the end I had jelly legs and I looked like a beetroot but I still didn't stop.

    Sorry am not making this sound attractive but hoping this is just one of those 'challenging' runs.....Would love to know how you get on

    Carol x

  • Hi Carol we are like twins in our running😊my first time running in the dark & like you took a different route missed a turning & wasn't sure where I was! then when I sussed it out there was quite an incline(ok it seemed an incline when very slowly running it!!) but I didn't have my dinner before I went & actually found I kept my pace a bit better did a wee bit farther in time ok 1.84miles instead of 1.8mls😂😂 but every bit counts! Still 25mins seems a long time running!!!! But we are doing it and we will get to the end👍8 more runs..... Still feeling chuffed I've got this far! Phyllis x good luck for next one!

  • I was totally unfit when I started the programme at 57+. I still haven't reached the magic 30 minutes. Initially I was 40 minutes for 5km which I have whittled down to 34'29". I am 60 in 6 months and my birthday targets are:-

    100 Parkruns - (only 25 to do)

    A PB of nearer 34 minutes. My PB is unchanged in 12 months.

    To have completed a 10km - (I did one last month in 80'55". I was last but I felt really good after it. Signed up for one in January 2017 and have a sub 80' target.)

    Keep on going you are doing amazingly well.

  • Wow that is amazing you have given me some food for thought I will be 60 in July next year! Wonder if I could get anywhere near your targets!! I really want to try and stay with running as I have always wanted to do it and tend to give up on things! I really like the structure of couch to 5k as it has kept me going so think I must make a plan like you for the big 60!! Fantastic goals and I know you will make it!! 😊👍

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