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Week 3 run 1 of my HM plan

Was soooooooo much fun!

Plan said 5 miles in 60 mins...I did 4.1 in 67 mins with my running climb so it included regroups. Due to the icy pavements we headed off to the country park and ran snowy trails in the dark. OMG it was so much fun...and fun isn't a word I wild normally associate with running.

The reason it was so good was that there was no pressure to go fast everyone was there just to enjoy themselves and snowballs were involved!!!!!

Will post again at the end of the week.

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that sounds fabulous Ali! Its amazing how much more enjoyable the running is when you take off some pressure and just have fun with it. I didn't have anyone to snowball with, I must join a running club or drag my daughter out later for some target practice!


its great that you dont feel the pressure to keep to the plan strictly & are having fun at the same time as training.

at this rate, with my missed runs because of the snow, youll be catching up with me :) have missed a 9miler & a 5miler, but could be worse. my next scheduled run is only 3miles woohoo.

take care ali. shelley x


Glad you had fun!


Sounds like so much fun! :)


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