So I had a bit of extra energy this afternoon (possibly brought on by consumption of yummy naughty Maltesers!) so thought I'd give the speed podcast a go.

Well even the slow run was far too fast for me. After those first 5 mins and first speed bit, I was knackered. Slowed to a walk for two minutes then continued for another two rounds of slow, fast.

Can't believe how hard that was. Might try it again but slower on the slow bits. I went quicker than my normal pace and it was just too much.

Interesting though.. Back to work tomorrow after a couple of days off, so a nice 6am run to start the day. Normal pace so hopefully will manage 5k but maybe not quite after today. No worries, I'll enjoy what I do anyway.

:-) xx


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14 Replies

  • I tried the speed podcast once after graduating and, like you, I found it really hard, I didn't enjoy it and haven't done it since ! My 'speed' workout has involved going back to Week one and starting the programme again but running as fast as I can for the running bits, just once a week. (I'm on week 3 now) Normal runs for the other two. That's quite enough hard speed work for me at the moment !! Hope you find something that suits you.

  • That sounds interesting, I might try that next time I feel the need to work on speed. To be honest I'm quite happy with what I do - plodding a 5k - so I know I'm not going to fall off the wagon anyway! If I could get a 35 min 5k then I'd be really delighted :)

  • Just keep trying, I found it really tough to start with but as I have continued running I quite like using it for a quick run (ie 21mins) nd suddenly at one point I realised I was not actually pushing as hard as I used to on the fast runs. If I go a few weeks without doing it, it is really hard again,

  • The length of the run appealed to me, which is one reason why I tried it. I think if I ever fancy a shorter run, I will try some sort of speed thing for sure.

    It's amazing how the body adapts and gets fitter and stronger and suddenly you can do things you couldn't do before. Before 22 April I couldn't run at all - and now I can run 5k and am loving it and have no intention of giving it up! :)

  • Hi pinkangel..

    I tried the speed podcast for the first time too on monday morning, and I also found the slow bits really fast! After the first 5 minute 'slow' bit I did about 10 seconds of the first fast bit and had to stop and walk!! then I picked it up again on the next 'slow' bit... but what I did was match the rhythm but I shortened my strides right down.. then I did the same with the fast bits, matching the rhythm but shorter steps.. I'm not sure if you're supposed to do that but it got me through it, except when I checked Runkeeper I was even slower than usual!!! the ignominy!!!

    I found the run suprisingly short though, so I thought next time, now I know it's really not for very long, I might try and do it a bit faster..

    I did however listen to the podcast for 'Stamina' on my walk home... and that sounds a REAL KILLER!!! but, being a slight masochist (love a challenge, me) I thought I might try it tomorrow morning!!!!

    I'll tell you how it goes...

  • Curly has just said that Stamiy is a killer so good luck with that!

    I'm just back from a nice 4k morning run :-)

  • I'd try stepping stones before stamina. It is, as the title suggests, a stepping stone up from C25K.

  • it's ok.. after leaving my message here last night I thought I'd search comments to see what other people on the forum thought of Stamina... and decided against it! I went for a run with Stepping Stones instead. I enjoyed it, and I'll definitely keep going with that podcast and Speed.

  • Sounds very wise. I'm definitely giving Stamina a wide berth!

  • I got on ok with "Speed" although I'm not sure what it's supposed to achieve. My pace was so short I doubt I was actually going any faster then my normal plod...The others though! "Stamina" nearly killed me, I had to walk long before the first segment was over! Stepping Stones was equally too fast for me...might try them both again in a few weeks.

  • I wish I had turned on mapmyrun when I did the speed just to see if I actually hit any - speed that is!

  • Just back from doing "Speed", did the same route as my last run, although today I stopped when the podcast did, on Monday I continued to run for a bit more so I would have been pacing myself for a longer run if you know what I mean...I covered 3 KM and was about 1 min 5 secs faster on each KM with Speed so I guess it's doing something!

  • We sound like a couple of junkies don't we? Next time I'll try it on acid...

  • Crazy dudes!! :-)

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