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Slushy goodbye to week 7

Underfoot you understand, not for sentimental reasons! Out I went just before it went dark and ran in the sleet and slushy snow. I usually go late morning, but no such luxury today as I've started a new course. I knew I would talk myself out of it, so as soon as I got home I changed and was out the door before the excuses had a chance to find me. It really does get easier and the gremlins have left as well thank goodness. Numbness in foot seems to be going, hardly happening now, but I'm really breathing heavily still, hope it's because the air is so cold. Have slightly pulled something on my inner thigh,didn't feel it 'til I stopped. Did lots of stretching, icing and had a hot bath.That should sort it!

Best of all I'm shin splint long last. Hope everyone else is enjoying their running...Definitely addicted, who else goes out in these temperatures and runs???


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How motivated are you! Brilliant that you've got the shin troubles sorted now.

I just imagined the lot of us that are currently doing c25k, meeting up last November, and being asked whether we'd be prepared to run in snow and ice....

:D We'd all have laughed ourselves silly! And look where we are now.


Thanks greenlegs, shattered after though! Yes what has happened? even a walk wouldn't have appealed!



Well done for getting straight out there! Hope the thigh is ok.


Thanks skf28, only a strain after all :)


Awesome, Susie!! It is so great to hear that things are going so well for you!! You are getting so close now!! Only two more weeks and you will be sporting that coveted badge!!

Go, Susie, Go!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks Steve, yes there's no stopping me now! Hope the Hall family is having fun? :)


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