A week off, not through choice

So, I haven't gone out for a run for over a week now. I found out that I have anaemia and vit d deficiency recently and have just been so damn tired it has been a struggle to do anything really. Anyway, I have some meds now and am feeling more lively so I'm planning to go out come what may tomorrow morning. Although, I'm a bit put off by the persistent fog we've been having in these parts. I'm hoping I'll still be up to the 5k. It was a shame as I'd just bettered my time by a minute or so the last time I went out.

I hope everyone else has had a good week!

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  • Sorry to hear ! when I had a bout of being really tired I found it harder to put up with than a physical injury. At least if physically laid up you can mentally do stuff !

    If tired it's difficult to do stuff mentally even like reading and also physically.

    good that it looks like your on the mend.

    Good luck

  • Thanks jp. I found last week very draining and am worried I will just get out of the habit of getting up and going for a run if I don't get back to it soon! So, tomorrow I'm back on the road for good or bad!

  • Slow and steady does it :)

  • I'm not surprised you are so tired with that... take care and get that iron up 😎

  • Take it easy my lovely. Your body does need to be listened to, if you don't feel up to it, it's probably best to leave it a little bit longer. Those runs will still be there waiting for you, just don't want you to take one step forwards, two steps back X 😕

  • Hang in there and feel better soon..poor you. But don't worry, it will all be there when you get out again...I can guarantee it :)

  • Hi Loisimelia, I'm local to you and regularly run 4-6k, if you're interested I regularly do the Great run local 5k on sundays at needham lake, its all abilities and over the past year its kept me motivated and i've made loads of like minded friends there, its sunday 9:15am.


  • Hi Paul, I'd love to but Sundays are the day my husband goes out on his bike because it's his only chance to get a long ride in. I can't do the parkrun in Ipswich either cos I work every Saturday :/

    It sounds great though and maybe one day when my kids are old enough (and trustworthy enough) to be left I'll come along :)

  • Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I did get out there today and it really surprised me how good it felt. No leaden legs, pace was good and I did the 5k in 34 mins, which is my best time, and I carried on running past the end. It did make me realise how long I'd felt under par and was dragging myself around until it all came to a head last week. I wish I had more time in the mornings to go further as I really felt I could today! Maybe over Christmas when I'm off work I'll go out for longer and see what happens :)

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