Goodbye Week 7 - Hello wedding outfit!

Blimey what a slog run 3 was - I had a really heavy weekend, busking (jiving) in Southend for three hours on Saturday and then a party in the evening another 3 hours of jiving - so I started out a bit jaded. I didn't really want to get out of bed and had to give myself a bit of a pep talk, but once I was in the gear, I was up for it. Although I ran at about 9am it was already very humid, and I really had to drag myself around my route - but I did it and I am glad I am not running again until Saturday. One of the reasons that I started running was so I could look good for my sons wedding - well the big day is on Friday and I feel that I look a whole lot better than when I started, I have definitely lost weight and feel more confident for it. Just keep your fingers crossed for good weather! Da da dada, da da dada!

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  • Hi Lottidog, Brilliant ! All that jiving, my goodness ! Isnt it amazing how far we have come on this programme ? Congratulations on your weight loss and I hope you have a fantastic time at the wedding, Well done Lottidog ! :-) xxx

  • Jiving must burn off tons of calories!!! I'd love to learn to jive and all that malarky.

    Congrats on dropping some weight for the wedding. I have a wedding coming up and not bought a frock yet. So many to choose from now I'm not the size of a house

    Have a great day !

  • Yep jiving is pretty full on, but for all that and the profuse sweating, I never seem to lose weight - but I have been dancing for 16 years so I think my body thinks pah! easy! So it got a bit of a shock when I started running, my partner can't believe how the weight is falling off! Its great when you can wear anything and feel good about it - if you want to learn to jive go to its fantastic fun!

  • fabulous...well done you, I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  • Thanks juicyju I am really looking forward to it!

  • Well done. Have a wonderful day on Friday. You're going to look fab!