Week 3 run 1 - no time for air guitar!

Well I completed run one of week three this Saturday just gone and, although did not have time to blog about it sooner, still cannot believe I managed two 3 minute runs!!!! Im really struggling to find a good window of time to go when I dont have children around or its not muggers o'clock! I must say though, Saturday morning had some pretty deep snowfall and my husband went out before me to check the conditions (due to my previous fall - how sweet of him) On my run I found his tracks amongst those of others and so made a game of following them. It was so nice and I think it really helped me get through my first three minute run.

2 Replies

  • Ahhhh! Very sweet - you're right, having something to distract you from 'this is going on for ever' really does help. Keep going madmummy! you're doing really well.

  • Well done to you, it's amazing what we can manage in terms of the running I love this programme, am even looking forward to w5r3 (at the moment anyway)

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