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Two down, ten to go and the snow got in the way

Well that's week 2 of my HM plan completed although due to the weather it hasn't all gone to plan!

W2R1 - plan says 4 miles in approx 50 mins. This is the one I do with the running club so just enjoy it. This week ti was 4.5 miles in an hour but that does include re-grouping etc.

w2r2 - plans says do this on Thursday and 3 miles in approx 35 miles. This week couldn't do Thursday as life got in the way (both work and social) so decided to count the parkrun as run 2. With the snow on Friday I was a bit worried I wouldn't make it but with none (or very little) over night the roads were OK so off I went to my local Parkrun. There were 38 hardy runners and it was my first time running on snow. Wow, loved it...much easier than running in the normal mud. To top it all I managed an Orprington Parkrun PB (Whoooppp) by 23 seconds (even bigger whoooopppp). So 3 miles done in 35.27.

w2r3 - plan says 6 miles in 75 minutes. Totally doable as this is the rough time I managed last year for 6 miles when I had to incorporate a bit of walking to get round. Decided last night I'd just get up and do it. Slept later than normal (for me) and headed out at around 9ish...snow coming down (well combination snow / sleet) and had a planned route in my head. However, was finding it very tough and some parts of the pavement a little slippy so turned round early....3.3 miles instead of 6 but hey it's better than nothing! Not sure of the time as didn't check when I left the house and my garmin took a while to kick in.

Have decided even though didn't quite manage the distance in r3 I'm still going to move on to w3 (weather permitting).

Hope everyone is enjoying running in the snow (where it's safe to do so). Stay warm everyone!!!


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That's great Ali! :) It is a real experience running in the snow isn't it but tough; my legs are feeling it from yesterday when normally I am fine. :O Yes I would move on too...... Best of luck! Sue


Sound like your having fun :-) here's to week 3


Very impressed by your training considering the conditions, it is harder going when it's slippy underfoot (like Sue I'm feeling it after my very slow run yesterday!). Best wishes with tour training next week, hope the weather is kinder. :-)


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