I Did It!

I Did It!

It was definitely time for a little less conversation and a little more action so, this morning, I let the fire in my belly reach my toes and got on the road!

It was wonderful. Snow started falling just as I set out and I got a bit emotional as the music swelled in my ears while I found myself actually running! I took my dog for company and she loved it too.

I was surprised at how easy I found the first couple of runs but must have put a little too much into them as, by the fifth one, my legs felt really heavy and I thought there was a slim chance I might die, but I'm a stubborn old bird so I pressed on.

Thank you so much for spurring me on to make the leap. I really feel proud of myself and am looking forward to feeling my body adapt to this more athletic way of life!

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  • Woo too that's it you are hooked now :-) I used to run with my dog it was great motivation to go out and run and fine as long as we didn't meet a cat or squirrel! Good luck with your next run :-)

  • Thank you! Yep, it was the ducks that were my pooch's chase of choice! We both had fun!

  • Oh Blessingway, you put me to shame! I am still umming and arring and posting for some motivation from other runners! Thats it, I am going to do this! Welldone you!

  • Thank you for your support! And just do it! Let that momentum build until you just go 'it's now or never' and then go - that's what worked for me! I'd love to hear how you get along!

  • Well done! Glad to hear you've made a start and it went well.

    Its so very tempting to go too fast on the first run, I think pacing yourself is very hard at the start.

  • Thank you! I kind of fell into a comfortable pace with the run as the jogging didn't feel right but I'm starting to ache now! It's a steep learning curve!

  • well done - I am going to head out this avo you've given me a virtual kick up the bum - thanks


  • Yay! Glad I could be of bum kicking service! Go for it - you'll be surprised at how good it feels! Let us know how you get on - and good luck!

  • I went out did w4 run 2 - luckily where we are the pavements were fine for running on, and I found it much easier without a buggy to pushn - now feel very happy and slighlty smug :-) !

    Well done again - the hardest part is actually getting out there - now you've done it you'll have to stop yourself going out every day :-) rest days are important too......

  • Well done for getting out there, it may be a cliche but that's only because it's true, starting really is the hardest part.

    Trailfinder, get yourself out there either today or tomorrow, then you'll have a virtual running partner in Blessingway as you'll both be at the same stage of the programme.

    I run alone and prefer it that way yet really enjoy chatting on here with those who are are at a similar stage. I started out with Shakylegs and Greenlegs, sadly Shaky has had to take a break for medical reasons but should be back soon, whilst Greeners is still going strong.

  • That's what I figured; once I'd face it and seen what doing it was like then there would be no fear of the unknown. Thanks for helping push me to do it!

    I think I would like to run alone for now (well, apart from the dog!) so online encouragement will be a great motivator!

  • Lovely to see you've got out there Blessingway! Yes, it is often tricky to make yourself go slow enough at the start - I keep making that mistake (which is why I've put slow and steady on my badge, to remind me).

    Thanks, Fingalo - Greeners wasn't so strong today though - you may overtake me now! - instead of two lots of ten minutes today, I only did one of 8 minutes, but conditions weren't at all good for running (that's my excuse anyway). I slipped several times while I was walking, almost fell down once, so I only ran on the bit that was really flat and not polished snow. I was out for nearly 2 hours though, stopping every here and there to do some birdwatching (redwings and fieldfares for the Winter Thrush Survey for the BTO - British Trust for Ornithology) so I got plenty of exercise. It was grand being outside for so long.

  • Thankyou for the support, posts and motivational tips!

  • well done! You're off to a great start, keep it up :-)

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