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W9R3 - I did it!

After a couple of awful runs, I arrived at W9R3 with trepidation as I struggled on the other two week 9 days.

I think my problem has been that for week 9 I really, really wanted to run a full 5k, even if that took longer than the 30 minutes, and I came a bit unstuck as I tried to push myself too much and didn't manage it, felt puffed out and generally didn't enjoy the runs. (I still ran the 30 minutes but didn't make 5k.)

So this morning was gorgeous, sunny and warm-ish, and I decided to just stick with the programme. I've been using Runkeeper as well as C25k, switching it on at the end of the warm-up walk so I can see how far I actually jog. I dropped my speed a bit (I'm pretty slow anyway) so my average pace was just over 7 mins per km, but it felt more manageable than my previous week 9 runs.

Got to the end and just kept going a bit to see whether I could get to 5k - and I did! I ran 5.3k in 38 minutes. Won't break any records but has made me extremely happy :D

Parkrun here I come!

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Me too - I finished this morning :) It was beautiful for it here - lovely light but still a bit chilly on my hands.

Feels pretty good huh! I did 3.8 miles in 46 mins, but inclduing the 10 min warm up and warm down - so pretty much the same pace as you (I think, maybe you are a lot faster, I havent worked out how to work it out yet!)

Are you planning on doing your first parkrun this weekend? Thats my aim, I've put it off since Jan saying I wont be able to do it - but now I think I wil!

Sounds like yours was a fab run - so well done and good luck on your next steps - literally :)


Thank you, gnimia - and congratulations to you, too! I reckon we're running at around a similar pace and we'll get stronger and faster as we run more.

I was planning on doing my first parkrun this weekend - and have the barcodes to prove it - but our local course is a bit hilly, so I might run another 5k on my slightly flatter route before doing it.

If you do it, good luck and hope it goes well :)


Well done, fantastic - you ran for more 30 minutes AND did 5km. Congratulations

I am in week 7 and I did a faster run than usual last week and I was really sore afterwards - I had to take extra rest days (then had an obstacle run race this weekend) so only got back to doing my run again yesterday. I took it really slowly (my slowest to date based on distance covered) and the run went well but I feel great today - not sore or achy. I expect when I start doing 5kms I'll also be in the 35-8 minutes region.

Congratulations once again


Thank you, ZoomZoom. You sound as though you're doing great, too. It's so tempting to try to go faster before our bodies are ready, isn't it? Glad your run went well today :)


Well done ...Great Job !!


Thanks, Chris :) Trying to build up from 5 to 10k now, but the going is slow! All in good time...


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