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Just been for a run in the snow. Totally exhilarating!

Decided just to run in my local woods this morning rather then dig the car out to go to the Parkrun. Loved the sense of freedom that the blanket of snow gives by blurring the distinction between the paths and everything else. Wondered off in to a craggy bit just for fun at one point. Hardest bit was the soft snow on the long grass by the playing fields. Looking at the Endomondo profile it was a lot more erratic than my usual steady pace.

For anyone interested in gear, I had on Saucony full length tights which were really warm and comfy (a first outing of a bargain from TK Maxx); a compression vest from Lidl, long sleeved Adidas top, C25k T-shirt and hi-viz gilet, hat and gloves! Hat came off about half way but otherwise wasibram warm enough without being too warm.

Went for the North Face shoes with Vibram soles and Goretex lining, a bit heavier and less "bounce" than my normal running shoes but my feet were warm and dry.

So if you are thinking about a snow run today, get out there and enjoy it. Forget about speed or distance just appreciate the sensations of connecting with the outdoors.

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I was just coming in to report on this too.

Normal trainers

knee-length ski socks (smartwool)

Normal capris (I need running tights!!!)

Normal long-sleeved tech shirt (H&M)

Extra short sleeved T over that (a thick gig one)

Zippy fleece that's a little too small

Bobble hat

Scarf, tied like a neckwarmer

Ski mittens (I have the sealskinz ones which are FAB)

I was a little warm towards the end and unzipped my fleeece.

For reference, on other runs this week it's been trainers, standard socks, capris, long sleeved tech shirt, and one of those plasticy cycling type jackets, usually with a bobble hat, because I can...

My tips would be: try and find some shallow (under trees but not over tree roots) snow OR compacted but not yet icy.


Ooh so pleased - someone else who wears a fleece! This weather I would not be without mine.


Ooohhh another one who likes/loves the snow, I'm a very big fan :)


Only light snow here on the west side of scotland, but wind chill factor -face on was exhilirating today. Well wrapped up including gloves and hat, and did not feel cold. Manged a 6km jog too.


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