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Just a wee run in the snow

Just a wee run in the snow

... and I'm beaming from ear to ear with the joy of it.

This is my 'running track' this morning

It's lovely outside here with fresh snow, sunshine and a crisp -5°C. The snow plough hasn't been along our minor road yet and it's sooo slippery. I tried walking for a few paces and immediately went back inside to put on my Yaktrax. What a difference they make. They really are like snow chains for feet. But still, I knew to ca canny and I took it easy.

I had scheduled a hill run for today, but gave that a miss and had a nice slow 5km run.

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Ooh, I like that photo! I had a lovely run on just a smattering of snow this morning, it was swirling around me, beautiful & so good to run in.

You mention hill training, may I ask exactly what you do for that please? I am considering doing some as part of my hm training but not sure exactly what/when/how yet.


This article in Running planet suggest Short Hill Repeats, Moderate Hill Repeats, Long Hill Repeats, Steady State Hill Runs and Rolling Hills.

To start I'm going to do Steady Hill Runs, because I want to do my hill runs as part of a nice circuit and not simply run up and down the same bit of road!

I've found a 4km route close to home that is a run up a forest track, along the ridge and down a different track. The two tracks have different gradients, one is 100m ascent in 1.25 km and the other route zig zags a bit and ascends 100m in about 1.8 km. I shall start by tackling the less steep (longer option) and running down the other track, then maybe in a few weeks will go up the steeper track.

There is a third track that goes straight up 100m in about 800 km, but I'm not going there!

The 100m in 1.25 km route is the same as I'll face on the 10K run I've registered to do in a few weeks, so I'm determined I'm going to beat it! :-)


Thanks, the link is very helpful. Lots of planning to do as I have no idea of gradients etc, but I'm keen to have a go.


What a lovely snowy picture.

Last time I went out for a brisk walk in the snow I fell face first on a mole hill which I couldn't see because it had frozen and was completely hidden, covered in snow. I must have looked hilarious!

I'm now understandably apprehensive about running in it!


Beautiful photo swanscot. I'll have a look at that hills article too, thanks.

Hidden mole hills isn't something I'd thought of! Potholes yes, but high bumps, no. Tricky!


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