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Lovely sunny morning for a run :)

So nice this morning that I began to strip off! Yes I started with my wooly hat then off came the gloves and I undid my jacket. This is long overdue, lets hope the warm up continues.

Quite a good run, though a bit full of porridge, I usually run after work a good 4 hours after lunch. Got a bit of trouble with a heavy left leg, feel like I'm dragging it, but found a stretch that hits the spot.

Happy Easter everyone,lots of running and not too any Easter eggs x

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Aw, where do you live with sun? I got snowed on for my whole run this morning.

How many Easter eggs are too many? ;)


Oh poor you, you must be up north. I am in Berkshire. Regarding Easter eggs best just to eat them all up out the way, quicker to get back on track. Lol x


Most places are north compared to Berkshire :D I'm in Cambridgeshire so not up north, there's not much between us and the North Sea to stop those freezing winds though.


I agree it was absolutely beautiful here (Blackpool) when I ran this morning. It is so much nicer even if it is cold to have a little sunshine :-)


Yes it was lovely running in sunshine this morning wasn't it but still cold! My gloves always come off after 10 mins or so but I didn't wear my hat today and that's a first for a long while! ;)

Happy Easter!

Sue x


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