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They work!

They work!

Just thought I'd let you know, the grippy things for the bottom of my shoes work really well running in the snow. Everything is slowed down and it's harder work than normal but I covered 4.17K in a tad under 30 minutes this morning.

The thermal tights under the running tights, extra vest under thermal running top, jacket over the top and two pairs of gloves and socks may have been a bit overboard but I can't say I was cold at any time!

The picture? Our road, I've just run up there!

p.s. the grippy things I have are the ones with studs in, rather than the ones with a big long spring thingy.

p.p.s The top pair of gloves came off at 2.4k, which meant I could get the jacket off at 2.6k and the second pair of gloves came off at 3.2k. I did consider taking my hat off but you can take these things too far!

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Good to know the grippy things worked. If I can get the car out I plan to go and buy some myself as the snow is not expected to melt here anytime soon! I was thinking of going for the Yaktrax ones (don't know if anyone else has tried them?). I think they are the springy ones but not sure which would be best!? Good to hear you got on well with the studded ones though.

Happy snow running!

Sarah x.


Yes it is slower Beads but isnt it great to be out there in the snow?! :)

I must say that when I am reading of all the layers and layers that everyone seems to be wearing I am amazed you dont all combust with the heat :O I am wearing a beanie and gloves (the latter eventually comes off) but other than that a long sleeved fleece lined top with a gilet and fleece tights is plenty for me Maybe I am just at that funny age..... ;)



I haven't run in the snow yet but I'm with you on the minimal layers - I'm a t-shirt and gloves person, maybe a long-sleeved t-shirt if it's really cold. I'd rather wear a head band, covering my ears and forehead, than a full hat when I run. Hoping I'll manage a run tomorrow - was meant to be running a 10k race but it has been cancelled due to the weather.


I thought the beanie may make me overheat but it was actually ok though I do have the headband too just in case.....

Hope you managed your run today; its snowing like crazy here at the moment so looks like more snow running for me ahead :D


It's been snowing continuously all day here. I want to run ON the snow, not particularly while it's still snowing - I've still not quite shifted my cough so I'm trying to be sensible :-(


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