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Hi just wondering if anyone could give me any advise on clothing....

Currently I am running in trainers next joggy bottoms a long sleeved M+S cotton t-shirt and an old very very thin vey large for me waterproof which I wear if its raining or not to give me a pick more protection.... (I wear a hat and gloves to start with these come off after the rpfirst bit of running)

Now I've reached week 4 I feel I am more likely to keep it going so want to get some more bits and make an investment more than £30 trainersand my legs get very cold while running !

Could anyone advise....

So far I have in my 'shopping bag'

A long sleeved t-shirt

Some running tights

And 3 running jackets as I can't work out if there waterproof or not and

Do you need to get thermals, and if you get thermal tights do you wear them on there own or under normal tights?

Also I'm a size 12 do you tend to order running gear in your 'fashion' size or bigger or smaller?

And finally a question for any ladies, the cropped tops sold as sports bras, are they as supportive as sports bras as they seem to be about half the price as a normal sorts bra, or do you need both!?

Thank you very much sorry for so many questions but sports shops scare me a bit as I have never been a 'sporty' person!

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I've never tried the Karrimor running tights but I heard they can get baggy so I got this brand instead (not these exact ones, they don't seem to have those atm) - I found the sizes pretty accurate. I don't wear them with thermals, they are warm enough on their own, I found them warmer than tracksuit bottoms.

I don't have a running jacket, I just got one of these-

Once you are running longer periods you probably won't need a running jacket (unless you live in the North Pole!). You will get plenty warm enough. If it's really chucking it down I just wear a baseball cap to keep the rain out of my eyes. You might want to look at short-sleeved t-shirts too.

Bra-wise I would get a proper sports bra unless you are very petite. I have a Shock Absorber and they are brilliant. I'm a larger cup size and can run without worrying about it, there's barely any movement.


I've picked up most of my running stuff at SD, and just buy my normal size, so that should be fine. For bras, it will depend partly on (how do I put this?) how well-endowed you are. That said, I have a couple of cropped-top style bras (one Nike, one Lonsdale), and they're very comfortable and seem to do the job as well as the slightly more bra-like one... :)

I can't advise on tights, as I don't have any. I wear a t-shirt and fleece (with an extra running vest underneath if it's very cold), with exercise trousers, and that seems to be fine.


Im abt to get an enell sports bra - which according to the reviews is one of the best for big boobs


Ooh, I've not heard of those, I will check them out next time I need a new one. Another thing to bear in mind with sports bras is to get the right size (I know, stating the obvious!). I get fitted at least once a year to make sure I'm wearing the right size. Make sure you go somewhere where they know what they are doing though! Bravissimo is good if you are D+. John Lewis are pretty good too. M&S are rubbish.


Thanks I am quite small in the bra area so think I will try one of the cheaper sports tops! Was more looking for advice on clothing /warmth.....

Will order some of the run 365 tights thanks for the recommendation:)


If they have one of these in your size, they are fantastic for the price! I have a drawer full!!


I love my Shock absorber 'run bra,' the best I have tried. Found out I was a different size in it than normal bras, so make sure you get the right size. 'More mile' socks and 'Time to run tights,' anything by 'Adidas clima cool' or 'climalite 'and 'Nike capris.' Think that's it for now!



I'm average size in the bra department and I got 2 for £12 Lonsdale sports bra from Sports Direct, does me perfectly. Other than that, your post sounds exactly like me - Next jogging bottoms, M&S long-sleeved cotton top, hat and gloves! I'm also on Week 4 and I've also been looking at getting some "proper" stuff.

Good luck! :-)


Thanks:) does everyone just tend to run in a t-shirt with no jacket!?


Fleece leggings £5 Romford Market - wonderful! (if not particularly glamourous!) and a hat that makes me unrecognisable to all my neighbours walking their dogs!


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