Who's been to ALDI today then?

So yeah, got to aldi after work to see they'd sold out of the ladies winter running jackets in small already. Typical, the one item I was after.

But got myself a pair of their running tights and a very lightweight hi-vis jacket instead. I'll just have to wear plenty of layers under.

Tried em on and they seem pretty decent.


Now I can look more like a "proper runner" since Laura told me I was one!



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24 Replies

  • I went to Aldi this morning. I bought the running tights and sweatshirt, of course I also had to get the bright socks to match.

    I gave them a test drive (or should that be run?) this evening. I found the tights a little difficult to get on. The stitching around the knee panel is a bit tight, but once on they were fine. The top is quite thick, and I found it too warm on my run this evening, so I think I'll save it for frosty mornings.

  • I went tonight instead of running as it was pouring down. Bought a pair of tights which seem ok (and fit under my trousers so will be good in the cold). May go back tomorrow and see what is left.

  • Me, bought one of those unending hats, didn't really look as I was in a rush this morning. Go home tonight, took one look at it and instantly thought of a swimming hat. Tried on, and my wife and daughter fell on the look laughing at me, oh and eventually said I looked like a gnome.

    All other stuff is good but I'm not wearing that lol


  • Bought a compression top and some gloves. I'm a size 10-12 so took a medium 34-36" bust which is right for my size, its tiny, will be fun getting into it and murder getting it off!!

  • a workout before your workout then? :)

  • I went too! I got running socks (after ready glowing recommendations on here) and one of those arm pouches to hold my iphone.

  • Me too ! I got the gloves, compression top / shorts, running tights, socks and lightweight jacket.

    All seems good stuff :-) just a few more recovery days, then I able to use them :-)

  • I got the last medium sized jacket but not found the running tights yet, might have to go back and look again :)

  • I went at lunchtime - got a hi-viz long sleeved top, hi-viz lightweight jacket, 2 pairs of socks and an armband to hold my phone. Not sure about the jacket, seems very thin, but I tried to put my finger through it and couldn't so hopefully it will last!

  • EEEK! I can't get to an Aldi till Saturday - will there really be nothing left by then??

  • I've just tried on my new compression top, it looks soooo darn small but got into it and it was really comfortable on. Had fun getting out of it which I just have to hope it won't shrink if/when it gets wet or it will be a scissor job ;)

  • I got the jacket, some socks, gloves, headband and the tights. Agree with the above that the tights are rather hard to get into, but I'm hoping they will get a bit more stretchy with use. Was a bit disappointed that they also seem to have got shorter - Aldi always used to be one of the few shops where the trousers were long enough for me, but these are definitely on the short side...still, they are perfectly wearable and the lime green matches my new shoes, so I'm quite happy overall! :-)

  • Oo, can't get to Aldi till tomorrow, so there'll be nothing left. It all sounds good, too....

  • Hmmm... I saw all the Aldi deals but as I am on the large side (that's being polite) I'm fairly sure that their stuff won't fit. Instead I went to Sports Direct and bought some Karrimore leggings, a Karrimore long-sleeved top and a hi-viz vest thingy - all for the princely sum of £18. The leggings are very long - if I double them over at the ankles they will stretch back up to my calves and I will have a sort of compression-sock thing going on as well :D

  • Got a winter running jacket, a long sleeved top, two pairs of socks and an ipod holder thingy (which I really needed, hope it works).

    Plus a jar of lime pickle, some muesli and trail mix. What, you're not interested in that?

    Anyway the stuff seems to fit pretty well. Will give it a whirl tomorrow.

  • ooooohhhhhh, I didn't know about this. Was just sitting here thinking I feel too rough to do anything (planned last big cycle before Sunday and yoga recovery). Now I'll have a little cycle over there, the sun has come out and I will just have a gentle ride. Must remember to take my rucksack!

  • Have visited Aldi twice in the last two days, the jackets are excellent, but will have to save it until it's really frosty, as was a little too hot on run today, but great pockets hold all the essentials I need to carry like glucose tablets, keys, and phone. I found the compression underwear rides up so will be taking mine back, but the socks are also a great investment.

  • Drat! I knew I meant to go somewhere after work tonight. Will have to wait until after work tomorrow, although it sounds like everything I want will be gone, especially the jackets, which I failed to buy on my Wednesday shopping trip due to my Sports Direct not having them in yet. :-/

    I managed to go to Sainsburys on Wednesday though and get some really nice moisture control long trousers and a couple of moisture control vest tops to use as a base layer. Wore both tonight and very comfortable. For any ladies looking for larger sizes I'm pretty sure Sainsburys go up to size 20 and maybe larger, but I find they are usually on the generous side anyway so a size smaller than normal may suit.

  • I went this evening and was quite pleased with what I got. Managed to buy a pair of gloves, some running socks and a headband (don't like hats but get earache in the wind so thought this might be a good compromise). Also got some of the compression underwear. Haven't tried it yet so will have to see - I'll reserve judgement until then.

  • you lot are such a baaaaaaaddddddddd influence on me :-D

    I spent too much :-( tights, running top, jacket (waterproof and breathable, yay!) and shoes. Oh, and socks! Naughty me :-)

  • Ha ha, no, sorry, any money you spend on running is GOOD spending in my book lol (my obsession with shoes is bankrupting me, good job you can't get matching handbags for trainers!)

  • Hmm no Aldi near me, might get a chance to go to one tomorrow but will prob all be sold out never mind! I like keeping my local Up and Running branch in business lol!

  • Thanks for mentioning this - I didn't know about it. Just been in and bought tights and long sleeved top. It was a bit 'picked over' and mostly small womens and large mens left. Plenty of lightweight jackets at mine in ladies small. I also got a trolley full of groceries and all less than £50. Tights were £30 in my local New Balance outlet shop so bargain!

  • Aw I'm a small lady and there wasn't a great deal left in my size when I went.

    But I did give my tights/leggings things their first outing today and despite the flabby thighs, found them very comfortable! :D

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