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Blood, but no sweat or tears (thankfully)

Thank you to all those who were discussing giving blood in a thread before christmas! It inspired me to finally sign up as a doner and, earlier this week, I gave my first pint of blood. I have a wicked bruise/track mark on my arm, but nothing hurt (aside from the little scratch as the needle went it) and I felt fine afterwards. Actually, better than fine, I'm such a wuss usually that I felt very chuffed with myself.

So, thanks for the push, it isn't just my running that benefits from this community, you inspire me in other areas too :-)

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Well done Vix! You are a better wuss than me - I would be on the floor :( :O



it wasn't so bad really, you just have to jabber at them incessently and you sort of forget what they are doing ;-) I almost changed my mind when she went off to get someone more senior because of my 'tiny' veins though :-o


Good for you Vixi! I always feel a bit energised in the days following donating - I don't know if it's something to do with your body having to work to produce more blood. I like to think of it as a blood letting but without the leeches! :) Sorry, hope that wasn't too gory for you!


I did feel really good, but I did my first ever meditation training in the morning, so I was really buzzing and assumed it was because of that. You could be right though, it probably is good for you, mini system flush really, a bit like topping up your engine oil or radiator with some fresh water ;-)


Whoop!!!!! Another convert!

My son turned 17 last November and gave his first armful last Friday. Then promptly ate 2 packets of crisps and two packs of biscuits! PIG!!!!

p.s. Embarrassing mum (me) took photos and posted them on facebook, tagging him for all his friends to see!


well done him, I also had crisps and biscuits....................well, I had earned them, surely? :-D

Poor boy, I'm under strict instructions from my daughter about what I can and can't post on fb, I'm not even allowed to mention her name half the time :-o


Well done vixij!!! I'm a total wuss! I have tried giving blood and midway through, I'm flat on my back with my head down and my legs in the air! I start feeling very nauseous and like I'm going to pass out. On a good note, they serve soup and crackers here and they usually let the wuss people eat the soup too. ;-) Gayle


ha ha, so you don't get to give so much as the rest! I've always found excuses to not do it in the past. They already pressganged the next appointment into my diary, I'm guessing to make sure they keep the numbers up. It will be more difficult to hide the bruising in the summer though - my daughter has a needle phobia and we're working our way through her vaccinations, I don't want her to see anything to put her off. I made her come to the session with me, but let her keep her head down in the kindle, but just being there will have helped desensitize her a little more. We're still stabbing her through her school jumper, we're hoping to do the next jab with her sleeve rolled up :-o

I'll have her donating too by the time she's 18 ;-)


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