Grazed knees….but no damage done to my kit!

Grazed knees….but no damage done to my kit!

I had been looking forward all day to my run this evening and really getting myself in the zone. Despite it being cold I was well kitted out with my jacket, buff, gloves and hat and for once in what seems an age there was no wind and rain to battle against!

I had a brilliant run at the weekend – one of those runs where you felt you could go on forever – but didn’t really think I would have a repeat of that tonight as evening runs after work are tough but funny enough it again was really going good and I felt great!

Then, just as I was thinking I will just keep going and make the most of the moment without thinking about time or distance, splat, down I went!!

My toe caught a paving slab and in the blink of an eye I was sprawled on the ground…..After a few expletives I got up and managed to run with throbbing knees back home which luckily wasn’t too far but all I kept thinking about was “hope I haven’t damaged my jacket/my tights/my shoes/my garmin!! To hell with the knees, they will heal but this kit costs money…!”

Anyhow, after peeling everything off and checking for damage all is intact except one of my gloves that now has a couple of tears in it where I obviously put my hand out to cushion the fall but at least they are cheap to replace! Oh and the knees of course…..both nicely grazed just like my days at junior school!! The arnica gel has been applied but I have a feeling I will be aching tomorrow from this. How am I going to run when its icy if I cant even stay upright when its dry?? Just hope it doesn’t knock my confidence too much for evening runs.....

Oh well, excitement over for now. Just waiting for the reaction from the OH when he gets in later from work; something along the lines of “I told you to be careful! You know I don’t like you running in the dark!......” Time for a brandy me thinks!!

Goodnight and take care out there!

Sue x


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23 Replies

  • Oh Sue - poor you!

    Glad there was no real damage. Hope you are not too sore in the morning.

    Take care.

    Viki x

  • Just grazes so no broken bones at least! Thanks Viki, my knees are sore now so I think I may well be hobbling tomorrow. These bones are getting a bit too old for all this falling over lark....!


  • Oh Sue - don't we all dread taking a tumble! You did so well getting out there in the first place on such a cold and dark night and now this!

    I'm so pleased that you haven't damaged your kit but sorry about the knees - hope the bruising isn't too bad and you don't discover any sore muscles in the morning. Do rest well - the brandy sounds like a good idea as I bet you're feeling a bit shaken.

    Perhaps you need one of those headlights to light your way?

    Have a nice relaxing evening now and a rest day tomorrow :-)

    Ann xx

  • Thanks Ann! I would'nt have minded but there were a lot more uneven and darker places during my run but this part was reasonably lit and even, or so I thought......

    Oh well, battle scars of a runner eh?!

    The brandy helped and no running now until the weekend thats for sure!


  • Sorry to hear about your tumble Sue. Roll on Spring and lots more daylight!

    Now don't you go playing with your scabs!

  • Hahah! Yes, that would be just like school days wouldnt it - picking away!

    Thanks Isabella and yes, daylight is certainly safer.....


  • ((((SUE))) - as they say here 'arme Lumpi' - sounds comforting doesn't it :-).

    Poor poor you - thank God you didn't break your wrist or thumb. Really pleased you have the Arnica. And now you do need to buy those YakTrax Pro, although if it was a crooked paving stone then they wouldn't have helped.

    Sue, I read about these YTP's on a BLOG by an excellent runner who talks about all things running in an intelligent manner. He was talking about beautiful winter runs in the snow in the UK along the Grand Union Canal and was as secure as anything because he was wearing these things. His only word of warning "make sure you remember to take them off before going indoors as they scratch floors... the local supermarket won't be too happy!!"

    Glad you're having the brandy - hope it warms the cockles. Ohhh, last minute thought.. do you have one of those LED trekking head lamps. It looks a bit like Close Encounters of.... but one of those on your forehead and you can see for miles and miles and miles and....

    Prost Sue,

    Sara :-) xox

  • Thanks for the hugs Sara, just as comforting as the brandy on a cold night!!

    I havent got one of the headlamps cos I think it might look a bit daft for an urban runner and it wasnt exactly poorly lit, just uneven underfoot...maybe that will make me lift my feet up a bit more in future!

    Interesting feedback on the YTP's, thanks for that. My hubby said "you wouldnt really consider running on ice would you??" but he should know me by now; tell me not to do something......well you know the rest!

    I really bruise easily so I'm hoping the arnica will help and actually, looking at my knees now, I think it has done the trick-brilliant stuff!! Thanks for telling us all about this Sara!

    You be careful out there too.....


  • Glad you're OK Sue and the brandy has eased the pain! Hope you enjoy your next run, Susan :)

  • Thanks Susie! I hope to be out there at the weekend in the daylight(!) with no aches or pains to hinder me.......fingers crossed!

    I hope your shins are bearing up too? Sx

  • So far so good! I got some heel inserts shock absorber thingies and they seem to be making a difference. I found out my new shoes were slippy on wet pavement and nearly went over, apart from that they're a dream!

    R3 Wk1 today :) Sx

  • Glad the shoes are proving to be a good investment still and best of luck for today!


  • Oh my, Sue, do be careful!! OUCH!! There is little that stings as bad as a skinned knee!! I am happy that your kit came out of it no worse for the wear!!

    It wasn't many runs ago that I tripped over an uneven bit of sidewalk during a run. Fortunately, I was able to catch myself before going all the way down. The embarrassing part is that it didn't happen under the cover of darkness...I did it in the bright daylight!! Silly me!!

    Nurse those knees and enjoy the brandy!! :-)

    Keep Running!! (But let's eliminate the tumbling!!) :-)


  • Thanks Steve! Yes stinging is right and very achy this morning, including places I didnt know I had hit, though not bruised thanks to the arnica.

    It all happens so quickly though doesnt it, and because obviously I was moving at the speed of light (haha!!!) I had no time to stop myself so you were lucky you didnt go down, plus you have further to fall!!

    I'm hoping that's the end of the tumbling for now Steve....!


  • I hope you're not too sore today. I almost joined you yesterday when a baby bulldog got caught up in my legs while I was out!

  • Oh no, not good!!

    A bit tender Beads, and my knees hurt but at least nothing is broken - it could have been a lot worse.......

  • All the best for recovery Sue, hope your knees heal quickly; my sister was call "Pizza Knees" for a while after an unfortunate albeit drunken incident falling out of a minibus!! :)

  • Thanks Leyther! Hahahah!! Mine are mini pizzas.......


  • Hi Sue

    So sorry to hear about your fall hope you are feeling better and not so sore and achey and back out there pinkus xxx

  • Awh thanks Julie! Hoping to run later today or tomorrow.....during daylight!!! LOL


  • Hope you are feeling better by now :-)

  • Thanks Vix. Knees are on the mend and scabbing over nicely, eugh! But now I have a cold...aargh! So no running this weekend after all as feeling pretty grotty. Looks like another few dark runs for me then this week......

  • awwww, no! we don't like colds! :-(

    take care and give yourself a chance to rest properly. And be careful on those dark nights!

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